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Interview – God Dethroned

God Dethroned are back with a monstrous beast of an album, and an album worthy of a these Dutch masters fighting for a slice of the death metal world, and the right to call themselves kings of the genre. The… Continue Reading →

God Dethroned – Illuminati (Metal Blade)

Boom, and these Dutch heavyweights have delivered another huge slab of blackened death metal to our feet. ‘Illuminati’ is huge, blasting and full of pulverising intentions, and a welcome release bridging a two-year gap since their last opus, ‘The World… Continue Reading →

Apophys – Devoratis (Ultimate Massacre Productions)

Dutch technical death metal supergroup Apophys are back once again. For those who aren’t familiar with them, Apophys is composed of members who play/have played in Prostitute Disfigurement, Toxocara and God Dethroned. Having a pedigree behind them in terms of… Continue Reading →

Ars Irae – Dunkle Klänge (Quality Steel)

German blackened death metallers Ars Irae hit us with a second album of cleverly written songs that venture into uncharted territories. The riff in the opener “Des Jägers Fluch” is excellent, very catchy and backed by throaty vocals that sit… Continue Reading →

Apophys – Prime Incursion (Metal Blade)

If the apocalypse was coming, Apophys would be the soundtrack. Formed in 2012 in The Netherlands and boasting members of renowned Dutch bands including: God Dethroned, Prostitute Disfigurement, Detonation and Toxocara, the well oiled, technically sublime and brutal death metal… Continue Reading →

Deserted Fear – Kingdom Of Worms (FDA Rekotz)

First introduced to me in 2012 via the debut “My Empire” it captured the very essence of death metal and I mean death metal as a whole, not old school, not Swedeath (though I did reference that in my review… Continue Reading →

Entrapment – Lamentations of the Flesh (Soulseller)

Two years ago I received an album with sublime, orange artwork and music to make my ears bleed. The band: Holland’s Entrapment or, more precisely, Michel Jonker’s Entrapment. Predominantly a one-man project, he, with a little help from some friends… Continue Reading →

Winter Of Sin – Violence Reigns Supreme (Cyclone Empire)

Active since 1998, this Dutch entity now finds itself in rather a unique position. Not only does it boast two members of the much missed God Dethroned amongst its ranks but one of whom is Mr Dethroned himself, Henri ‘the… Continue Reading →

Kill Division – Destructive Force (Metal Blade)

For fans of a certain epic Dutch female-fronted band, the phrase ‘featuring two ex-God Dethroned members’ might ring a bell. In the case of Kill Division, who feature two different alumni of Henri Sattler’s extinct beast, this phrase makes a… Continue Reading →

Interview – Entrapment

Having just released his blistering debut album, Entrapment’s Michel Jonker kindly offered to talk to Ave Noctum about his band, its influences and the death metal genre in general. Based on the crazed lunatic evident on his album, ‘The Obscurity… Continue Reading →

Evocation – Illusions of Grandeur (Century Media Records)

Having released two demos around 1992 and split up soon after, Evocation resurfaced in 2004, spawning a belated debut album in the form of 2007’s ‘Tales from the Tomb’. Since then, the band has released another couple of critically acclaimed… Continue Reading →

Deserted Fear – My Empire (FDA Rekotz)

The renowned Dan Swanö has mixed and mastered this old school death metal album at Unisound so the sound is top rate, gnarly and drenched in gooey bass and drum slime from the off, which eventually starts with “The Battalion… Continue Reading →

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