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Lychgate – An Antidote for the Glass Pill (Blood Music)

Now, who doesn’t appreciate a massive organ? Lychgate certainly do, as theirs takes centre stage for album number 2, ‘An Antidote for the Glass Pill’. While not wanting to sound dismissive and flippant, when a particular instrument plays such a… Continue Reading →

Black Queen – The Directress (S/R)

If your idea of a cracking album is one that has level of atmosphere and suspense akin to that of a Hitchcock movie, with the sole purpose of beautifully terrifying the listener, then you will have found your new favourite… Continue Reading →

Contamination – Luigi Cozzi (Arrow)

Although never prosecuted, Contamination made in 1980 by Luigi Cozzi comes from the golden era of Italian splatter movies ending up embroiled amidst the video nasty furore. Showing what a dogs arse the whole panic was it had no real… Continue Reading →

Goblin Rebirth – S/T (Relapse)

The band that started life as Oliver, morphed into Cherry Five and then finally Goblin in the mid 70’s have certainly been through a confusing conundrum of stages and splinter groups since they fragmented in the early 80’s. The band… Continue Reading →

Tony Tears – Follow The Signs Of The Times (Minotauro)

Having not long ago traversed the bulk of Italian act Tony Tears past works in the form of compendium box set ‘Music From The Astral Worlds’ when this brand new album arrived I was naturally keen to find out what… Continue Reading →

Claudio Simonetti – Demons OST (Rustblade)

It’s hard to believe that Lamberto Bava’s Demons is now 30 years old. It did really surprise me seeing it stated on the t shirt of the film that I nabbed recently when Goblin played at The Barbican. One of… Continue Reading →

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin Perform Profondo Rosso – London Barbican 21/2/15

Well this place is certainly not one of our normal dives for going to see bands. That’s not just what we are doing tonight here either as we will be watching a film too. 50 Shades Of Grey is showing… Continue Reading →

Saturnalia Temple – To The Other (Listenable)

It’s album number 2 for these Swedish occultists, and they are keen to point out that their second full-length journey to the dark side will not be compromised by mere gimmicks such as hoods, blood or pentagrams. This is mind-expanding occult… Continue Reading →

Anima Morte – Upon Darkened Stains (Transubstans)

Horror soundtrack music is really getting a massive resurgence at the moment. It’s partly due to Claudio Simonetti and his tireless gigging with his version of Goblin doing live shows accompanied by the Dario Argento films that they scored in… Continue Reading →

Interview – Nightsatan

True warriors of the wastelands Nightsatan are a band forged on the futuristic sounds of the past. If that sounds paradoxical well it is, as the trio are a real enigma whose ‘laser metal’ is synonymous with soundtracks from (mainly… Continue Reading →

Scaremeister – 31 Spirits (Metropolis)

With a line-up including cEvin Key, Ken ‘hiwatt’ Marshall and Traz Damji I figured this, at the very least, would be a class act but also probably a bit of a nightmare to figure out how to turn in an… Continue Reading →

Blood Ceremony – The Eldritch Dark (Rise Above)

Two of the finest bands of their ilk Blood Ceremony and Jex Thoth are both poised on releasing new albums within a couple of weeks of each other so if you are a fan of female fronted, occult doom you… Continue Reading →

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