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Serpent Warning – Pagan Fire (Topillo Records)

Their debut was an emerging doom statement, this follow up is “doom-laden Serpentine groove” as stated in the PR material. The immediate improvement from their debut is the vocal delivery of Jimi Lehtijoki, he reminds me very much of Christian… Continue Reading →

Goatess – Blood And Wine (Svart)

I first discovered Goatess back in 2014 when they headlined a gig in The Black Heart along with Serpent Venom and Sigiriya and it was a very memorable experience. Three different types of doom all working in perfect harmony to… Continue Reading →

Albums Of The Year 2016

Whatever way you look at it 2016 has hardly been a bundle of laughs. It’s been a year full of fear, loathing and paranoia with a healthy side dish of total chaos running through it. The political climate became stupefying… Continue Reading →

Goatess – Purgatory Under New Management (Svart)

Was it really the best part of four whole years ago that Goatess released their excellent eponymous first album? A quick look at the back of the CD sleeve assures me that this is the case. But could it be… Continue Reading →

Interview – Serpent Venom

Recently released and recently blown many pairs of speakers, ‘Of Things Seen & Unseen’ is a real game changer for London based doom outfit Serpent Venom. I feel especially motivated by the genuine urgency of this release having been a… Continue Reading →

Serpent Venom – Of Things Seen & Unseen (Church Within)

This UK doom band is one that I have followed since their very first live show. This release is their second full length album and we have a slight change in personnel for this recording, a line-up that has been… Continue Reading →

Goatess – Goatess (Svart Records)

With a cover reminiscent of something out of Hellboy, Goatess’ self-titled debut certainly stands out. Titled The Birth Of Pan it features what looks like an unborn faun in the womb; strangely beautiful and pretty hard to ignore. What lurks… Continue Reading →

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