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The Neptune Power Federation – Memoirs of a Rat Queen (Cruz Del Sur)

…and now for something completely different. I read the blurb from the list which Thee Ed sends us reviewers, and there was a lot there to make this crew stand out for me – name-checking Queen, Motorhead and Judas Priest…. Continue Reading →

Chrome Division – One Last Ride (Nuclear Blast)

After fifteen years and five full length albums, Chrome Division are calling it a day and this, appropriately titled album is their last. Now if you’re not familiar with the band, they started life as a Motorhead inspired rock and… Continue Reading →

Rose Tattoo / Girlschool – The Limelight 2, Belfast 7/9/18

**WARNING – THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS GRATUITOUS SELF INDULGENCE AND NARCISSISTIC CONTENT. CHILDREN UNDER 50 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY SOMEONE IRRESPONSIBLE** Stalwarts? Survivors? Those who cannot be beaten? Rock ‘n Roll outlaws? A little bit of everything perhaps as my thoughts… Continue Reading →

Midnight – Shox Of Violence (Hells Headbangers)

Midnight. A one man nasty, sleazy, blackened, blasphemous thrash band from the apparent spiritual home of dirty metal – Cleveland, Ohio. If you’re not familiar with Midnight already, think Venom playing Motorhead covers while smashed on JD, beer and a… Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Disease – The Transcendence (Napalm)

Swedish retro rock, yeah this again, in a world obsessed by the past there are some high quality outfits emerging. When the opening track ‘Higher’ hits you, I am impressed, especially with the vocals of Jenna. On this one, it… Continue Reading →

Wild Dawn – Pay Your Dues (Brennus Music)

This is a French band that has had some tour supports with Girlschool and by the sounds of the extremely brief press blog, has played at the likes of Hellfest. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean they were handpicked for… Continue Reading →

Madder Than A Full Moon Dog (Starjack Entertainment)

This is a massive two DVD set, a retrospective of the 2012 Full Moon Dog Festival which took place in Leeds in October. But it is so much more! The main DVD of the gig has various live performances and… Continue Reading →

Darkthrone – Hate Them (Peaceville)

As we celebrate the news that Darkthrone are poised to release album number 15 ‘The Underground Resistance’ in February 2013 it is time to once more dip into their back catalogue which has been exhaustively reissued by label Peaceville. ‘Hate… Continue Reading →

Thunderstick – Echoes From The Analogue Asylum (Heaven & Hell Records)

Thunderstick was the namesake of the ex-Samson drummer who formed this band in the early eighties whilst his former band was on a rapid downhill decline following the departure of Bruce Dickinson to Iron Maiden. This CD release is a… Continue Reading →

Superchrist – Holy Shit (Hells Headbangers)

Everybody loves a surprise or two in music, and I personally love getting albums where I expect nothing but then end up with something I really enjoy and rave about. Chicago based Supercrhist is a well established metal outfit with… Continue Reading →

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