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Assault – Sidney Hayers (Network)

This 1971 British movie had a variety of titles for different territories such as In The Devil’s Garden, Satan’s Playthings, The Creepers and Tower Of Terror. Some of them make little sense and dress things up as a supernatural horror… Continue Reading →

Bloody Hammers – The Horrific Case Of Bloody Hammers (Napalm)

Kooky Halloween ghouls Anders Manga and Devallia are back after only just hitting us over the head with their last descent into the tool shed ‘Lovely Sort Of Death.’ They certainly caught us off guard with that one too having… Continue Reading →

Psychotronic Scents

Wondering what on earth to get the ghoul who has everything this upcoming festering season? Well although we are not one to plug products, our friends at Psychotronic have brewed such a fiendishly clever idea, one that no self-respecting horror… Continue Reading →

The Bloodstained Butterfly – Duccio Tessari (Arrow)

There’s little danger of running out of giallo film for release in this country such was the huge proliferation of them to flood Italy after the massive success of Dario Argento’s directorial full length feature The Bird With The Crystal… Continue Reading →

Blizaro – Cornucopia della Morte (I,Voidhanger)

“Cornucopia della Morte” finally sees the light of day having been put together in 2013 but kept on ice while its’ mastermind, John Gallo pursued solo interests. The wait has been well worth it too because Blizaro’s second full length… Continue Reading →

Arcana 13 – Danza Macabra (Aural Music)

Now, how could I not pick this one for review…! An album entirely based on, and influenced by, classic Italian horror and giallo films of the 60’s and 70’s. Arcana 13 clearly love their Bava, Fulci and Argento, and have… Continue Reading →

Five Dolls For An August Moon – Mario Bava (Arrow)

Another intriguing title full of mystery in itself, Five Dolls For An August Moon is not as well-known as a lot of other works from Mario Bava’s oeuvre. The 1970 feature never even got a look in on home video… Continue Reading →

Deep Red – Dario Argento (Arrow)

The last time I had the pleasure of watching Deep Red was just under a year ago at The Barbican with Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin providing a live soundtrack to the film You are never going to quite create an… Continue Reading →

What Have You Done To Solange? – Massimo Dallamano (Arrow)

It certainly wasn’t in the hope of getting a suntan but during the groovy early 70’s quite a few Italian giallo directors decided to pop over to London and use it as the backdrop to their murder mystery stories. Examples… Continue Reading →

The Black Cat – Lucio Fulci (Arrow)

Remember the time of the double bill at the cinema? Well Arrow no doubt do and have released this in a two film package along with Sergio Martino’s Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key… Continue Reading →

Blood And Black Lace – Mario Bava (Arrow)

The vaults of Mario Bava are certainly deep and contain plenty of obsidian treasure. Thankfully Arrow keep on digging and plundering more riches from them and with Blood And Black Lace we travel right back to 1964. This was made… Continue Reading →

The Girl Who Knew Too Much – Mario Bava (Arrow)

Considered to be the first true Giallo thriller committed to celluloid and cheekily swiping its name from Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much this was a 1963 black and white film from Italian auteur Mario Bava and one that… Continue Reading →

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