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Haiku Funeral – Decadent Luminosity (Aesthetic Death)

The past two albums gave me nightmares and hallucinations in more than just title and now I am promised decadence and luminosity. Will a light suddenly go on in my head and understanding be reached as far as Haiku Funeral… Continue Reading →

Haiku Funeral – Hallucinations (Aesthetic Death)

Last firing a shot across our bows back in 2012 when they delivered their ‘Nightmare Painting’ French / Bulgarian act Haiku Funeral really did strange things with my head. I described said album as “one for dreamers who are keen… Continue Reading →

Skat Injector / Nekrokyrpä – Mung Dungeon (Cruel Nature)

Nope I am not faint hearted or easily offended and I can play cassettes. Well that’s a bonus as the result was that I had one of 40 limited tapes of this split C20 red speckled cassette with Skat Injector… Continue Reading →

Broken Down – First Spit (Altsphere)

Apparently this is something new, broken down into reduced compounds. I guess that means this French lot don’t care for being pigeonholed and to be fair they have right mixed up sounds and styles taking in everything from electronics, through… Continue Reading →

Hateful Abandon – Liars / Bastards (Candlelight)

With a name like Hateful Abandon you could expect this lot to be some sort of doom death conglomeration but they are not as I found out picking up their interesting looking last release 2011 album ‘Move’ on the cheap… Continue Reading →

Sect 37 – Legion (Aesthetic Death)

Back at the beginning of 2011 a rather strange album ‘The Kudos Of Serial Killing’ by Section 37 fired up my mental cortex as it was a rather unique way of musically getting beneath the skin of the serial killer…. Continue Reading →

Haiku Funeral – Nightmare Painting (Aesthetic Death)

Warning, very odd alert! Right I have been trying to wrap my head around the world of Haiku Funeral for a while now and really do not think I am anywhere near doing so but here goes for an attempt…. Continue Reading →

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