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Scumripper – All Veins Blazing (Hells Headbangers)

Twenty minutes is all you get so pay attention numbnuts! This is nasty, dirty metal punk encrusted with sacrificial blood and beer stains.  This is the Finnish trio’s debut full length following on from their self titled demo in 2015. The… Continue Reading →

Goatkraft – Sulphurous Northern Bestiality (Iron Bonehead)

War Metal, the veracious embodiment of stereotypes within the Metal scene. Outsiders looking in on the world of Metal see themes of horror, blasphemy, destruction, warfare and chaos. If you’re being completely honest with yourself are these not the things… Continue Reading →

Sex Dumpster – Lord Alcohol (S/R)

Chances are, unless you have no job / family / life and spend every waking hour scouring the internet for the latest in underground extreme music, that you have probably never heard of Alaskans….Sex Dumpster. The band name itself conjures… Continue Reading →

Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard – Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll (Napalm)

With a moniker that sounds like a collaboration between the Discovery Channel and SyFy come these rock and roll outlaws from Melbourne.  Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll like the band name is a mish-mash of styles.  J Fuller from Blood Duster… Continue Reading →

Hammercult – Legends Never Die (SPV)

So, if you were asked to name an Israeli metal band, my guess is that about 90% of you would automatically think of Orphaned Land. Well, you can now add Hammercult to your Israeli metal bands of note, with this,… Continue Reading →

Morbid Slaughter – A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death (Inti)

Morbid Slaughter from Peru have been going since 2009 when front man Envenom decided it would be a good idea to channel his love for horror and witching metal. Joined here by Ripping Corpse (bass) and the charmingly named Necrophiliac… Continue Reading →

Skat Injector / Nekrokyrpä – Mung Dungeon (Cruel Nature)

Nope I am not faint hearted or easily offended and I can play cassettes. Well that’s a bonus as the result was that I had one of 40 limited tapes of this split C20 red speckled cassette with Skat Injector… Continue Reading →

Midnight – No Mercy For Mayhem (Hell’s Headbangers)

More lust filth and sleaze from masked marauders Midnight and to say I had been looking forward to this second studio album following on from the excellent ‘Satanic Royalty’ of 2011 would be an understatement. Songs on that album were… Continue Reading →

Sister – Disguised Vultures (Metal Blade)

Stockholm has produced a lot of great bands over the years and Sister are another act to add to the Swedish capital’s resume.  This four piece have the sort of sound that “ I used to Fuck People Like you… Continue Reading →

Monstraat – ST (Fallen Temple)

Raw Swedish black metal here with little in the way of finesse and absolutely no screwing around as this band inject their debut album chock full of ten songs in a “blink and you’ll miss them” 25 minutes. There’s absolutely… Continue Reading →

Mother Of Worms – The Grimoire Of Abomination Tales (Schattenkult Produktionen)

Filth, foulest stench fuelled pornographically enhanced necro filth! That’s what we have here from these sick Germans and not only that but they have gone and delivered it on old-school cassette too. Somehow it seems all the more apt getting… Continue Reading →

Murder Junkies – A Killing Tradition (Wienerworld)

With the opening words “C’mon let’s see some tits” setting us up for half an hour of sleazy filth and depravity I couldn’t help but shake my head a bit. What was I expecting though, I did after all volunteer… Continue Reading →

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