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Discreation - End of Days (FDA)

Discreation – End of Days (FDA)

It’s been a couple of years since the well-received ‘Procreation of the Wretched’, in that time the vocalist has changed and with this I feel perhaps the style of death metal has changed with Discreation. There’s certainly an element of black metal infused into their.. Read More
Damnation Defaced - Invader From Beyond (Apostasy Records)

Damnation Defaced – Invader From Beyond (Apostasy Records)

After releasing ‘Beyond the Pale’ in 2010 and ‘The Infernal Tremor’ in 2015, this German quintet now have their third album hitting the shelves, as it were. “Niom: 004d004f0049004e” opens the album with a couple weird shaker sounds that flitter from left to right before.. Read More
Arroganz - Primitiv (FDA Records)

Arroganz – Primitiv (FDA Records)

I haven’t heard any of Germany’s Arroganz before, but this represents full length album number four since their first in 2011, and it’s clear that the trio of K (Bass, Vocals), P (Guitar) and T (Drums) know what they’re doing. (Actually, this represents album number.. Read More
Panzer – The Fatal Command (Nuclear Blast)

Panzer – The Fatal Command (Nuclear Blast)

If you didn’t grab Panzer’s debut album “Send Them All To Hell” then have a quiet word with yourself over a stiff drink. It was one of the best heavy metal releases of 2014. A classic Teutonic power trio, Schmier (bass / vocals) Herman Frank.. Read More
Thyrgrim - Vermachtnis (Trollzorn Records)

Thyrgrim – Vermachtnis (Trollzorn Records)

Thyrgrim were formed in Germany in 2004, under the moniker of Kaltetot and they delivered 2 demos to the world, they then went on to change their name in 2005, to Thyrgrim, and released the infamous demo ‘Kaltetot’. They have since spawned 5 full length.. Read More
Deny The Urge - As Darkness Falls (G.U.C.)

Deny The Urge – As Darkness Falls (G.U.C.)

`As Darkness Falls’ is German death metal fanatics Deny The Urge’s third album, and it really does pack quite a punch. I’ve heard a LOT of death metal over the years, particularly so-called `old school’ death metal; very often it is just an unimaginative re-hash.. Read More
Nuisance Of Majority - Savage Ritual (S/R)

Nuisance Of Majority – Savage Ritual (S/R)

Hailing from Kiel in the northern-most reaches of the Schleswig-Holstein state in Germany are Nuisance Of Majority. This band have been kicking around since the early 2000’s and have won praise from many corners, being likened to “A piss-up hosted by Agnostic Front and Entombed”.. Read More
Cripper - Follow Me: Kill! (Metal Blade)

Cripper – Follow Me: Kill! (Metal Blade)

Technical Teutonic Thrashers Cripper are back again with the follow up to their splendid Metal Blade debut effort, “Hyëna”. ‘Follow. Me: Kill!’ follows in the same footsteps as its predecessor, promising plenty of titanic riffs, crushing grooves and unparalleled ferocity. Given the way Cripper lean.. Read More
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Die Rote Reiter - Nuclear Blast

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Die Rote Reiter – Nuclear Blast

Three years have passed since Die Apokalyptischen Reiter released their rather tremendous double album, ‘Tief. Tiefer’, and 2017 sees the long anticipated follow up ‘Die Rote Reiter’, ‘The Red Rider’, and no, it’s not some harbinger of doom from A Game of Thrones, rather a.. Read More
Dawn Of Disease - Ascension Gate (Napalm)

Dawn Of Disease – Ascension Gate (Napalm)

The follow up to the 2016 release “Worship the Grave” sees Osnabrück’s Melodic Death Metallers, Dawn Of Disease return once again to bring riffs, harmonies and growls in an effort to give those pesky Scandinavian’s a run for their money in this particular brand of.. Read More
Vulture - The Guillotine (High Roller)

Vulture – The Guillotine (High Roller)

Laying a metal stake in the ground and a studded fist in the air with their debut EP ‘Victim to the Blade’, this German speed/thrash band really have come out with a fantastic debut album. Dealing mainly in the speed metal camp, this reminds me.. Read More
Alpha Tiger – ST (SPV)

Alpha Tiger – ST (SPV)

I had the pleasure of reviewing Alpha Tiger’s third album “iDentity” back at the end of 2014, but I felt sure with a gap this long from such an active, driven band that somehow I must have missed the next release. That lengthy gap was.. Read More