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Grendel’s Syster – Mystery Play / Myrtenkranz (Hoove Child Records)

After their last release, Orphic Gold Leaves, I expressed an interest in seeing how this German trio developed. So here we are. Firstly you have to be pretty astounded by the quality of the packaging in this. Again, as with… Continue Reading →

Kadavar – For The Dead Travel Fast (Nuclear Blast)

Long term followers of Ave Noctum who have had the dubious pleasure of reading my assorted inane ramblings will know that for a long time I’ve been a follower and advocate of a number of the many retro style bands… Continue Reading →

Verheerer – Monolith (Vendetta Records)

Starting off as a duo German band Verheerer (Devastator) released debut album Maltrér back in 2018. Obviously it went down well although seemingly was missed entirely by us and the impetus from it has encouraged the band to recruit three… Continue Reading →

Necrotted – Die For Something Worthwhile (Rising Nemesis Records)

Hailing from Southern Germany with an impressive back catalogue behind them, the wonderfully monikered Necrotted return with this a celebratory EP to mark their 10 years of existence. It’s a short, sharp kick in the balls, an aural equivalent of… Continue Reading →

Zeit – Drangsal (S/R)

Quite often I re-indulge myself in a scene that has grown out of favour with me, as doom is one such genre but decided to take the plunge with German band Zeit to try and rekindle my affection for the… Continue Reading →

Darkmoon Warrior – Angels of Dirt, Beasts of Rebellion (Folter)

The track title “Thermonuclear Predator” gives the not so well concealed game away. Destruction is the byword of this black metal band from Germany, whose third album this is. Hard-hitting and of course heavy, this vigorous and furious assault gives… Continue Reading →

Morast – Il nostro silenzio (Totenmusik / Van)

A morose and atmospheric slab of doomy death here from this German quartet who have tied their second album in thematically with a narrative of “noises inside the head.” New to me as are other bands the quartet currently play… Continue Reading →

Evoked – Ravenous Compulsion (FDA Records)

Evoked are a German trio and this their debut full length since forming in 2013. As soon as ‘Resurrect The Source’ hits we get death metal in its most straightforward form. The production is nice and clear, the drums sharp,… Continue Reading →

Psicopompo – Seven Sermons In Stone (Alien Passengers)

Delving right into the experimental underground it would not be surprising if Psicopompo was a completely new name to you as it was to me when I was asked to cover their new release ‘Seven Sermons In Stone.’ This invitation… Continue Reading →

Keitzer – Where The Light Ends (F.D.A. Records)

Being a band known for worship can pay off, I can’t quite say what makes it okay to imitate someone’s style but from time to time it just works. Yet I have spoken before with friends about various bands and… Continue Reading →

Akando – Attack from Ambush (Boersma)

The last time I heard music of Native American heritage and influence was in the early 1970s, when Redbone released a number of pop gems, among them “Witch Queen from New Orleans”, “Wovoka”, “Come and Get Your Love” and the… Continue Reading →

Wires & Lights – A Chasm Here And Now (SPV)

Wires & Lights are a relatively new band from Berlin, Germany, and the album at hand, A Chasm Here And Now, is their first long player. What’s it like? Well, the press info is all in superlatives. And no, that’s… Continue Reading →

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