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Dauþuz - Des Zwerges Fluch (Naturmacht)

Dauþuz – Des Zwerges Fluch (Naturmacht)

Their name is death and theirs is a cold and very claustrophobic one as apparently the two shadowy entities behind Dauþuz, Aragonyth and Syderyth dwell deep under the ground. Conceptually the music here explores the subterranean mines hidden beneath the German countryside pre the 19th.. Read More
Motorowl - Atlas (Century Media)

Motorowl – Atlas (Century Media)

East German psychedelic-doom five piece Motorowl are back once again with the follow up to their 2016 debut ‘Om Generator’. Much like their previous album, “Atlas” continues the use of psychedelic rock, 70’s style rock, space rock and elements of doom and stoner, and much.. Read More
Doro -  Forever Warriors / Forever United (Nuclear Blast)

Doro – Forever Warriors / Forever United (Nuclear Blast)

Ok, so; When is a double album not a double album? When it’s actually two albums except that they are not sold separately. Yeah, that implies that there is a difference between them somehow, but they are supposed to go together yeah? I guess... Read More
The Spirit - Sounds From The Vortex (Nuclear Blast)

The Spirit – Sounds From The Vortex (Nuclear Blast)

Melodic black metal may be an oxymoron to some, but over the years the evolution of black metal has produced some stunning releases that remain on my play list to this day. However, for every outstanding release, there are endless mediocre releases that aren’t bad.. Read More
Essenz – Manes Impetus (Amor Fati Productions)

Essenz – Manes Impetus (Amor Fati Productions)

Heavy and industrial …. it doesn’t have to be German but it is. Dirty rumblings and heinous growls get us under way on “Manes Impetus”, Essenz’s third album. Essenz are known for “bursts of transformation” in their music. What this means that in amongst the.. Read More
Bonjour Tristesse - Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare (Lifeforce)

Bonjour Tristesse – Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare (Lifeforce)

Bonjour Tristesse, originally, is a popular novel by Francoise Sagan published in 1954. I read it a long time ago and didn’t like it much. Too melodramatic. I could be mistaken of course, but I don’t think the German one-man black metal project with the.. Read More
Pentarium –  Zwischenwelt (Boersma Records)

Pentarium – Zwischenwelt (Boersma Records)

Translating to “The Inbetween World”, Zwischenwelt is a slice of Lovecraftian inspired Melodic Death Metal mixed in with some elements of modern metal and plenty of symphonic grandeur. With inspiration from the darkest depths and unfathomable, primordial forces which the human mind cannot comprehend, Pentarium.. Read More
Schrat – Alptraumgänger (Folter Records)

Schrat – Alptraumgänger (Folter Records)

Despite the fact that I am a massive fan of Death Metal and despite the fact that Iron Maiden are the greatest band to have ever existed if someone asked me to describe Metal I would probably show them raw untamed Black Metal. Nothing encompasses.. Read More
Trautonist – Ember (Wolves And Vibrancy Records / Pest Productions)

Trautonist – Ember (Wolves And Vibrancy Records / Pest Productions)

Very rarely do I get an actual vinyl to review these days as Trautonist has seen fit to send their second album as a vinyl copy, and a gold vinyl at that too. The German trio has a self-titled debut that was a solid post-black.. Read More
Taina - Seelenfresser (Viy Records)

Taina – Seelenfresser (Viy Records)

There is a train of thought that suggests that Germans are incredibly efficient. Taina clearly missed that meeting, as it’s taken roughly 8 years to release their debut album. Formed in 2010 by vocalist/synth player WoLand and guitarist SerZh the band have gone through numerous.. Read More
Atrocity – Okkult II (Massacre)

Atrocity – Okkult II (Massacre)

Being a classic or storied band can have its drawbacks, these usually rear their ugly heads in the later stages of a bands career where people hark back to the days of old and what the band were. This level of elitism may often be.. Read More