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Crone – Godspeed (Prophecy)

Whoa ok, I have been listening to this a lot over the last week or so and felt like I had channeled the inner essence of some of the songs on it as far as the dark subject matter was… Continue Reading →

Daemonheim – Tidian (Naturmacht)

Daemonheim are a new name to me and this is only their second album, but many a gem has been discovered like this etc etc. Apparently these Germans peddle a sound blending black, death, folk and ‘even non metal genres’… Continue Reading →

Black Messiah – Heimweh (AFM)

Unless my one school-year of German fails me, “Heimweh” means Homesickness. Or maybe Nostalgia…actually, I’m sorry, it did fail me – I Googled it like everyone else will! No surprise though – in a whole year of study, all I… Continue Reading →

Frigoris – Wind (Hypnotic Dirge)

German band Frigoris release their sophomore album on Hypnotic Dirge and the list of ‘for fans of’ appealed so here I am, eager. It opens as you might expect with a little soundscape, wind softly calling across the landscape, rustling… Continue Reading →

Saltatio Mortis – Das Schwarze Einmaleins (Napalm)

Saltatio Mortis are rather well described in an excellent review of their recent live album by Gizmo elsewhere on Ave Noctum so really it would save a lot of time and effort if you could all read that review first… Continue Reading →

Suidakra – Eternal Defiance (AFM)

Suidakra (originally named Gloryfication) at first, played death metal and thrash.. These crazy Germans have been lucky enough to play Europe, USA, India and China and so they should after all they have been doing this for over a decade! With… Continue Reading →

b.o.s.c.h. – Apparat (Dust on the Tracks)

I’ve reached the time of life where Bosch is a brand of washing machine from Germany, not the name of an electronic metal band from the same country. The title “Apparat”, which means “appliance” doesn’t help to allay my preconception…. Continue Reading →

U.D.O. – Steelhammer (AFM)

After doing numerous reviews of this band previously, you really don’t need a history lesson, everyone knows what they are about and the classic German heavy metal style that you know you are going to get. So with this latest… Continue Reading →

Heaven Shall Burn – Veto (Century Media)

“Are they still going?” was my initial reaction when seeing that Heaven Shall Burn have released a new album. In fact, they started out in 1996, since when they have touched on but haven’t been an integral part of my… Continue Reading →

WolveSpirit – Dreamcatcher (Spirit Stone Records)

WolveSpirit lure you in with the promise of ‘bone grinding rock’ and psychedelic, brighter than the sun album artwork. From the way this record is packaged it’s easy to be fooled into thinking you’re going to get some chunky, fuzz… Continue Reading →

Saltatio Mortis – Manufactum III – Live Auf Dem Macht (Napalm)

“What’s this?” I asked Thee Ed as he hurriedly shoved an album at me. “Dunno,”he said casually. “Anyway, must be off…” “Didn’t it make a noise like a whoopee cushion with a leak when you accidentally stood on it just… Continue Reading →

Lifeless – Godconstruct (FDA Rekotz)

These German’s perform Swedeath rather well, their last offering, their first official full length album ‘Beyond the Threshold of Death’ was rather special (released in 2008 but there was a major distribution re-release in 2010 with different artwork). With all… Continue Reading →

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