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Edensong – Years In The Garden Of Years (The Laser’s Edge)

Cards on the table here folks, my next landmark birthday is 50, and it is far too few years ago for comfort, and for the best part of four decades, ever since first finding Cream’s ‘Goodbye’ in my mother’s record… Continue Reading →

Evoke Thy Lords – Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar – Solitude

Sometimes I get pissed off at having to review yet another cookie cutter, cookie monster vocal dominated download, and I seriously consider ditching this reviewing lark; this is definitely not one of those times folks. Evoke Thy Lords are one… Continue Reading →

District 97 -In Vaults (Laser’s Edge)

Chicago based progressive metal band District 97 have received critical acclaim for their work so far with members of/formerly of the likes of King Crimson, Asia, Transatlantic, Yes and Genesis all singing their praises along with Rolling Stone magazine throwing… Continue Reading →

Knight Area – Hyperdrive (Lasers Edge)

The strangely named Knight Area (makes me think of a seedy Chess Piece only Night Club, with designated regions – Bishops huddled together in one corner, Rooks in another plotting their downfall, and in a dimly lit area that’s just… Continue Reading →

Echo Us – II:XI A Priori Memoriae (Dust On The Tracks)

“This album….is something that even the top of the class Mike Oldfield was not able to achieve through decades of work”; wow!  That little quote was from the blurb that was slipped into the CD case with my promotional copy… Continue Reading →

Opeth – Pale Communion (Roadrunner)

  Opener ‘Eternal Rains Will Come’ is a stunner. It kicks straight in with a keyboard style (courtesy of new member Joakim Svalberg) that Ken Hensley would be proud to call his own, before in classic Opeth style, they turn… Continue Reading →

Nucleus Torn – Street Lights Fail (Prophecy)

So, have you ever thought to yourself “I really wish that Tori Amos would just Metal things up a bit, y’know? Keep all that sombre melancholy but up the Prog Metal factor?” Nope, me neither, but in the hope that… Continue Reading →

The Osiris Club – The Blazing World (Indie)

Well the PR sheet tries to chuck the kitchen sink at this when describing it, but with people who have played with Angel Witch and Electric Wizard you would be forgiven for expecting some groovy seventies/eighties downtuned riffage, yeah? Ah…… Continue Reading →

Dang – Tartarus: The Darkest Realm (No Remorse)

A by product of going to a posh school many years ago where Latin and Ancient Greek were mandatory up to O level standard was that without resorting to online searches, or watching Clash of the Titans, I knew immediately… Continue Reading →

Legend – Spirit (Ravenheart)

If you’re a prog rock fan and you’ve never heard about Legend, it might be somewhat understandable, since their name isn’t referred that often over rock’s most reputed and trustworthy news sources. However, if you consider yourself to be an avid… Continue Reading →

Starsoup – Bazaar of Wonders (Sublimity Records)

I am no stranger to prog. I am the only person I know who has been following since the 80’s such bands as; Yes, Pink Floyd before Roger Waters launched copyright suits, when the majority of the band had to… Continue Reading →

Tritonus – Prison of Light (Tritech Music)

Hmm. To get all classical, a tritone strictly speaking in musical terms is an interval composed of three adjacent whole tones, sometimes know as “The Devil’s Tritone”, and well used by classical composers and Iron Maiden alike to invoke a… Continue Reading →

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