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Shaarimoth – Temple Of The Adversarial Fire (World Terror Committee)

Judging by the band name and the fact this band is from Norway one would assume that this is a black metal band. An assumption that proves unfounded on this sophomore following a debut called “Current 11” released over a… Continue Reading →

Vanhelgd – Temple Of Phobos (Pulverised)

Ah, that’s more like it: None of this intro stuff, just straight in to a solid, doom/death riff and off this Swedish lot go with ‘Lament Of The Mortals’. Immediately there’s that late eighties, early nineties feel to the riff… Continue Reading →

Interview – Kampfar

All has been very busy in the Kampfar Kamp. Delivering their excellent 7th album Profan at the tail end of last year, it seems like they have hardly stopped since. Hitting the road with Gorgoroth and Gehenna on the back… Continue Reading →

Gorgoroth, Kampfar, Gehenna, De Profundis and The Negation – London Dome 11/12/16

This one has a right solid line-up and it is well worth getting down for early doors to catch 1st band on tonight The Negation from France. There may not be loads in yet to witness the band but they… Continue Reading →

Cold Northern Vengeance – Maelstrom (Moribund)

Having not heard the debut by this US act but hearing the compilation “Trial By Ice 2002 – 2010” a few years ago I was very pleased to have this sophomore land on my review pile this month. These monolithic… Continue Reading →

Turbocharged – Militant (GFY Productions)

Turbocharged’s leader Ronnie “Ripper” Olson was the bass player on a few of Gehenna’s ’90s releases and, more significantly for myself, the vocalist/bassist on Vomitory’s early creations including their mighty debut. It seems a strange coincidence then that just last… Continue Reading →

Pact – The Infernal Hierarchies, Penetrating the Threshold of Night (Moribund)

Pact’s debut full length The Dragon Lineage Of Satan, with its somewhat crude but oddly effective and altogether appropriate cover art, was a surprise bundle of nasty, very accomplished black metal with hard and fast values to match the bestial… Continue Reading →

Mysticum – Lost Masters Of The Universe (Peaceville)

Our paths should certainly have crossed a lot more as Mysticum are innovators who were responsible for combing two of my favourite types of music namely black metal (of the Norwegian persuasion) and industrial. However this is the only recorded… Continue Reading →

Gehenna – Unravel (Indie)

It has been a tough and thankless task over the years, being a fan of Gehenna. With constant line-up changes, drastic changes in musical style and extended periods on hiatus, they were always able to disappoint you somehow. Building a… Continue Reading →

Cursed 13 – Triumf (Carnal Records)

It’s taken a while for Cursed 13 (previously Cursed 666) to get to debut album stage, but as their “PR” sheet mutters “You probably don’t give a rat’s ass about ancient shit.” Worth looking it up yourself though if for… Continue Reading →

Throne Of Katarsis – The Three Transcendental Keys (Candlelight)

More often than not I’ve been more than a little underwhelmed by the Norwegian black metal scene’s side projects and super-groups of the last decade. All they ever seemed to create was a compromised sound of the sum of their… Continue Reading →

Mortuary Drape – Buried In Time (Peaceville)

I had quite a hard time with my last and first encounter with Mortuary Drape which was the recent Peaceville re-issue of third album ‘Tolling 13 Knell’ originally released in 2000. Now the label have similarly re-activated the cult Italian… Continue Reading →

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