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Gallow God

Towards Atlantis Lights – Dust Of Aeons (Transcending Obscurity)

Towards Atlantis Lights brings together members of various bands including Pantheist and Void Of Silence, who have crafted an album utilising experiences based on historic events. However, be under no illusion, this is no mere retrospective tale in the style… Continue Reading →

Desolation Angels – King (Dissonance)

Long time NWOBHM legends Desolation Angels have always been at the heavier end of the spectrum, if you have seen them live in recent years you will know what I mean. ‘King’ is the first release to feature Paul Taylor… Continue Reading →

Aphonic Threnody – When Death Comes (Doomentia)

Certain names seem to crop up throughout the year and I do wonder at times who the most prolific musician is that turns up in extreme music with the most regularity? Rogga Johannson is no slouch, Niklas Kvarforth likes guesting… Continue Reading →

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