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Skat Injector / Nekrokyrpä – Mung Dungeon (Cruel Nature)

Nope I am not faint hearted or easily offended and I can play cassettes. Well that’s a bonus as the result was that I had one of 40 limited tapes of this split C20 red speckled cassette with Skat Injector… Continue Reading →

Drugzilla / Skat Injector – Virulentia (Omega Warfare Records)

Under ten minutes worth of music on this 4 track split EP but don’t worry about that, what it lacks for time wise it makes up for in other ways! Both bands here are at the very extreme electronic side… Continue Reading →

Junkie Kut – Rebirth (Unrepresented Music)

Rebirth may well be the title of this new three track EP from London / Brighton act Junkie Kut but don’t worry about them having wimped out or changed direction, there are still lashings of aggroggressive, electronic, sonic beats behind… Continue Reading →

Throne Of Molok – Beat Of Apocalypse (Eternal Tombs)

Despite its somewhat unwieldy title I really enjoyed Italian band Throne Of Molok’s debut album ‘Chtonian A.E.O.N. 1010011010.’ Hell it even arrived with a cardboard cut-out gas mask suggesting cyber terror was about to be unleashed and indeed it lived… Continue Reading →

Invertia – Another Scheme Of The Wicked (Ohm Resistance)

I had my beady eye on this for a while from the never ending list of digital review requests, wanting to get at it but not having the time. The allure of a biog mentioning Gorgoroth and Skinny Puppy in… Continue Reading →

Opthalidon – 0 (SR)

Jeez you really would not want to bump into this lot in some deep dark abandoned factory if you were off doing a bit of urban exploring. Dressed in military surplus survival cloaks and wearing odd gas masks as they… Continue Reading →

Rapidax – Commandeer Vivacia (Unrepresented Music)

Rapidax may sound like some sort of cleansing product but it is the name adopted by Rob Tunstall, one man live band and now a man with an album behind him. If you are looking for some conventional metal you… Continue Reading →

Junkie Kut – The Hierarchy Enslaving You (Unrepresented Music)

Ah my friends, this is music to dance to, a wardance, indeed! Junkie Kut is an odd name and is of an artist who dabbles in high electronic psalms, forged for the disenfranchised and downtrodden in society. This is music… Continue Reading →

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