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Goat Monsoon – Blue (S/R)

This quartet from Colchester, whose members offer “throat locusts, tang, dirt and pedals”, are purveyors of Garage Fuzz Rock. That’s what they tell us. As I set about listening to this 4 track live EP, what I heard reminded more… Continue Reading →

Dö – EP (SR)

Agh it’s bitten me I’m going to die? Ah well that’s handy as the band’s name means “to die” but I’m far too young for that, having been fanged by some horrid creature this band put in with their CD…. Continue Reading →

Beehoover – The Devil and His Footmen (Exile On Mainstream)

Drum and Bass. No not Goldie and Inner City Life. I am just naming the instruments of destruction used by Beehoover from Deutschland. Claus Peter Hamisch and Ingmar Petersen produce a marvellous cacophony via Exile on Mainstream Records and have… Continue Reading →

Tombstones – Red Skies and Dead Eyes – (Soulseller)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; how does such a tiny population as is spread throughout Norway manage to produce so many great metal and rock bands?  Whilst this, at the moment, United Kingdom of Great Britain… Continue Reading →

Black Magician – The Pursuivant (Svart)

To a true black magician the line straddling the esoteric and ethereal is tenuous indeed. Equally blurred is the distinction between realms of imagination and fantasy. Tangential and limited by perception only is the border between the physical realm and… Continue Reading →

11Paranoias – Superunatural (Ritual Productions)

One fateful jamming session dated 11/11/11 is what set events in motion to birth 11Paranoias. Made up of Adam Richardson, Mark Greening (ex-Ramesses) and Mike West (Bong) this is a musical collective that will have underground doom fans the world… Continue Reading →

Balam – ST (Mordgrimm)

The first demo from Rhode Island five piece Balam is a slow burner of three lengthy tracks that span just over 30 minutes. Originally recorded in a session of just 12 hours, the quality of the material was so impressive… Continue Reading →

Orthodox – Baal (Alone Records)

Not sure where this came from as it appears to be a 2011 release. Still if it came all the way from Spain at its own pace then it probably explains it. Yeah, doom. Slow doom. More sludge and drone… Continue Reading →

Lord Of The Grave – Green Vapour (Church Within)

What’s the best part of raping a zombie? Hearing the hip bone go crack! Actually can you rape a zombie? Can they actually say nooooooouuughhh? What am I talking about? Well first of these five numbers is called Raping Zombies… Continue Reading →

Groan – The Divine Right of Kings (Soulseller Records)

Mercia’s doom ‘n’ roll kings have been playing some remarkable music since their debut release in 2010, I have had the pleasure of catching them live a few times and the one thing that sticks out in general, and again… Continue Reading →

Caravan of Whores – Road to Kurti (SR)

These Oxfordshire natives are playing some fuzzed out, trip-tastic doom, like a cross between UK contemporaries Slabdragger and Trippy Wicked engaging in bong related incidents whilst making noises. These noises are over 30 minutes and there are only four tracks… Continue Reading →

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