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Space Coke – L Appel Du Vide (Mystery School Records)

Fuzz buzz a go go from this Columbia South Carolina quartet on this their first full length.  Fans of Uncle Acid will dig these dudes take on Sabbath soaked psychedelic B movie grooves. The band have a love of Butthole Surfers… Continue Reading →

Black Elephant – Cosmic Blues (Small Stone)

Apparently, you can’t tell what a book is about just by looking at its cover. Or something like that. You know the saying. But how about an LP? It’s much easier, isn’t it? Let’s say you came across Black Elephant’s… Continue Reading →

Blacklab – Under The Strawberry Moon 2.0 (New Heavy Sounds)

I was pleased to see this crop up in the review lists as a friend had highlighted the name Blacklab a while back and for once it has lodged in my tiny brain. Blacklab are a guitar/vocals and drum duo… Continue Reading →

Fu Manchu – Clone Of the Universe (At The Dojo)

Pioneering fuzz enthusiasts Fu Manchu, one of the pillars of the stoner rock and desert rock genres are back once more with album number 12; “Clone Of The Universe”. The long awaited and highly anticipated follow up to 2014’s ‘Gigantoid’… Continue Reading →

Obake – Draugr (RareNoise Records)

Obake has nothing to do with a popular UK TV series, but is a Japanese term which means “that which changes” or “ghost of a departed one”. “Draugr”, which itself refers to a creature returning from the dead, is the… Continue Reading →

Truckfighters- V (Century Media)

Five albums into their career, “V” finds Truckfighters in fine form and obviously a band comfortable with their place in the world. The Swedes continue to blast away with their own style of fuzz laden, stoner metal that has earned… Continue Reading →

Blaak Heat – Shifting Mirrors (Svart)

I can’t recall an album where the opening has cried out “prog!” to me in such a way as this one. But this is a prog which winds along regressively as well as progressively with a 70s hard rock fuzz… Continue Reading →

Stubb – Cry of the Ocean (Ripple Music)

Stubb are a relatively recent musical discovery for me, having been pointed in the London based power trio’s direction by one of the other reviewers here. The three piece take the tried and tested power trio formula and keeping in… Continue Reading →

Caronte – Church of Shamanic Goetia (Van)

This is Italy’s answer to the likes of Electric Wizard, Reverend Bizarre and with some vocals that sound sometimes like Danzig. Essentially this is tripped out, heavy as hell doom. Even after the first listen, this is an awesome release…. Continue Reading →

Craang – To The Estimated Size Of The Universe (Pink Tank)

There’s an old adage that you should never judge a book by its cover.  Well, “never” is too strong a condition as far as I’m concerned.  If the cover of the book has words like “Jeffrey Archer” or “Dan Brown”… Continue Reading →

Snailking – Storm (ConSouling Sounds)

Despite a collection of CDs that is threatening to collapse shelves and cave in the attic, and in a nod to the modern age, hard drives that are nearly maxed out, it is not possible even for a muso like… Continue Reading →

Goat Monsoon – Blue (S/R)

This quartet from Colchester, whose members offer “throat locusts, tang, dirt and pedals”, are purveyors of Garage Fuzz Rock. That’s what they tell us. As I set about listening to this 4 track live EP, what I heard reminded more… Continue Reading →

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