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Vardan – Between Fog And Shadows (Moribund)

Vardan – Between Fog And Shadows (Moribund)

I am really beginning to lose track here. This appears to be the fifth Moribund released Vardan album I have reviewed this year but looking into things a little further the Sicilian workhorse has gone and sneaked out a couple more via other labels so.. Read More
Grisâtre - Esthaetique (Dusktone)

Grisâtre – Esthaetique (Dusktone)

I enjoyed the last Grisâtre release L’idée de Dieu which also came out on Dusktone. It was my first encounter with Rokkr the individual behind the project from France despite the fact he had been active on the demo front and released some splits prior.. Read More
Kommandant - The Draconian Archetype (ATMF)

Kommandant – The Draconian Archetype (ATMF)

Chicagoans Kommandant first fired across my bows with their Kontakt EP back in 2010 via Planet Metal Records. At the time I declared that the disc gave me a cataclysmic short sharp shock and left me wanting more and finally it has come via ATMF.. Read More