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Blood Red Fog – Thanatotic Supremacy (Deviant Records)

Oh you filthy Finns. I got a right surprise when taking the CD out of its tray here as the insert photo shows B.R.F. the main man of this outfit looking pleased as punch as he sits on a corpse… Continue Reading →

Funerary Bell – Undead Revelations (Saturnal Records)

There is a horde of acts within black metal’s substrata each vying to add their own twist on the genre as this Finnish act has adopted an authentic black metal foundation but has cemented various other genres to it such… Continue Reading →

Verge – The Process of Self-Becoming (I, Voidhanger Records)

Ferocious and meditative are not two words I’d associate with each other, but these are the words used to describe this third album by Finnish black metal band Verge. This seven track work is divided into three sections: Aesthetic, Moral… Continue Reading →

Blood Red Fog – Harvest (Saturnian Productions)

This Finnish band have been around since 2004 and released a self titled album around that time as well as to date quite a lot of EP’s and splits with the likes of Funerary Bell, Verge, and Cosmic Church. I… Continue Reading →

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