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Evoken – Hypnagogia (Profound Lore)

Apparently Evoken state that they wanted “to present the listener with an emotionally exhausting record” and they have certainly done that, I have fallen asleep several times listening to this. That’s not a criticism in the slightest, I just find… Continue Reading →

Engulfed – Engulfed In Obscurity (Hellthrasher Productions)

This Turkish death metal band features members of Burial Invocation and Decaying Purity and play a dirty form of death metal akin to Incantation, Funerus and Funebrarum. At times things verge into blackened styles with some of the haunting riffs… Continue Reading →

Ruinous – Graves of Ceaseless Death (Dark Descent)

Death metal. In this case, death metal from a band formed by three ex-members of Funebrarum, some of whom have also enjoyed stints in such acts as Disma and Goreaphobia. Which is nice, I guess, if you’re into the whole… Continue Reading →

Ritual Chamber – The Pits Of Tentacled Screams (Hellthrasher)

Always feels kinda nice and also odd getting a CD review copy of something that screams ‘old school’ so loudly it probably spins at 33rpm. That and it sounds so tangible and so thick with tar that you could resurface… Continue Reading →

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