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Kevlar Bikini – OPT-OUTism (Geenger Records)

Although slightly late to this bikini party (story of my life), I really enjoyed this Croatian trio’s 3rd album Rants, Riffage And Rousing Rhythms released via Geenger Records back in 2018. Although not the sort of style that I would… Continue Reading →

Russian Circles – Blood Year (Sargent House)

Having just journeyed to Chicago on a work trip, I was amazed at how many music venues and venues playing host to live music there seemed to be. The city seemed to be steeped and influenced by music in a… Continue Reading →

Kevlar Bikini – Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rhythms (Geenger Records)

Grab a Kevlar Bikini, you too can look sexy in a war-zone and it’s guaranteed to confuse and distract your enemy! I can’t see such a fashion item catching on particularly but I am sure I have seen such accoutrements… Continue Reading →

Beast Modulus – Being (S/R)

I had absolutely no idea what this was going to sound like until I decided to just throw it in the player and find out. Apparently although now based in Brooklyn, Beast Modulus started out in New Orleans as a… Continue Reading →

Razor Sharp Death Blizzard – You Will Burn (From Beyond Records)

Off to Selkirk in Scotland for a slab of discontent via the descriptively named Razor Sharp Death Blizzard which in my mind brings a vision of a bunch of neds going at each other with all manner of lethal implements…. Continue Reading →

Jonbar Hinge – S/T (Division Records)

Science fiction the muse for many a band and if you were wondering a Jonbar Hinge is from the realm of time travel and a historical divergence point that can alter the course of history. It is also the name… Continue Reading →

Prong – Songs From The Black Hole (SPV)

Not only have Prong always been steadfast and reliable but of late they have been on fire. They played one of the most energetic and snappy sets of Bloodstock last year and last album ‘Ruining Lives’ cracked skulls and grooved… Continue Reading →

Disappears – Irreal (Kranky)

So we are more in Pitchfork than Iron Fist or Terrorizer territory here but we like to mix things up a bit and Disappears sound is certainly one that I am au fait with. I have fleeting memories of their… Continue Reading →

Pord – Wild (Solar Flare)

Wondering just how to start this review I went for the tried and tested look up the band name and see if other than as a moniker it has any real meaning and discovered that according to Urban Dictionary it… Continue Reading →

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