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Sombre Héritage – Alpha Ursae Minoris (Sepulchral Productions)

I confess to being a massive fan of icy cold Québecois black metal, having first discovered it in the 00s through a band called Frozen Shadows, and worked my way through others including Forteresse and Cantique Lépreux. Now we have… Continue Reading →

Sanctvs – Mors Aeterna (Sepulchral Productions)

I’ve followed Canadian black metal, and French-Canadian black metal in particular for some years. From Frozen Shadows through to Cantique Lépreux, they’ve never failed me. I hadn’t heard of Sanctvs from Québec, but this is hardly surprising as “Mors Aeterna”… Continue Reading →

Circle of Salt – Suffer the Cold (Avantgarde)

“Suffer the Cold” is the re-release of a 2015 work by a solo black metal artist from Québec, Canada, who operates under the name of Circle of Salt. This release interested me particularly because historically Canada has such a reputation… Continue Reading →

Rage Nucléaire – Black Storm Of Violence (Season Of Mist)

I had the unholy pleasure of reviewing this Canadian band’s debut, “Unrelenting Fucking Hatred”, a couple of years ago elsewhere and was utterly annihilated by that albums unending homicidal objectives. “Black Storm Of Violence” is an appropriate album title as… Continue Reading →

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