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Freedom Call

Majestica – Above The Sky (Nuclear Blast)

A Symphonic Power Metal band…from Sweden…on Nuclear Blast…called Majestica? And right now the readership has split straight into two camps – the first who read that and went “Oh bloody hell, I know exactly what THAT will be like” and… Continue Reading →

Bloodbound – War Of Dragons (AFM)

I’m familiar with Bloodbound already, but this time the album title piqued my interest even further. Regular readers will know I’m partial to a bit of dragon imagery within the realms of Power Metal. Yes, dragons can be a bit… Continue Reading →

Iron Mask – Diabolica (AFM)

Iron Mask is now releasing their sixth album and have spent two years preparing it. Originally set up as a power metal side project, their impressive credentials including the fact they have played alongside Hammerfall and Europe, it looks like the… Continue Reading →

Pythia – Shadows Of A Broken Past (Golden Axe)

The UK doesn’t have a vast amount of Symphonic Metal bands, but of the few we have Pythia are one of our best – I love the fact that it was formed by a former member of the Mediaeval Baebes… Continue Reading →

Freedom Call – Land of the Crimson Dawn

Artist: Freedom Call Title: Land of the Crimson Dawn Type: Album Label: SPV Freedom Call are one of those euro power metal bands (from Germany) you hear about quite a lot, they have been active for quite a while, certainly… Continue Reading →

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