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The Old Dark House – James Whale (Eureka)

Although I am much more of a 70’s-80’s kind of person when it comes to my movies, you have to acknowledge the films of the real past and dip back occasionally to where things started, especially with genre films such… Continue Reading →

Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood – Christopher Speeth (Arrow)

The second ‘American Horror Project’ film I have viewed from Arrow’s box set is a real obscurity Christopher Speeth’s only horror film ‘Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood’ from 1973. This one disappeared for almost 30 years after freaking out the unsuspecting… Continue Reading →

Spider Baby – Jack Hill (Arrow)

If you suffer from arachnophobia this is a review best skipped as eight legged beasties and indeed two legged ones that are descending into the order of the Araneae lurk here. Spider Baby aka ‘Cannibal Orgy’ was made way back… Continue Reading →

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