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Héboïdophrénie – Cannibalism For Dummies (Great Dane Records)

Héboïdophrénie is a form of schizophrenia part of psychoses in psychopathic expression and is one of those band names that you can imagine came well before they had written any music. “Let us think of something dark, dingy and mental… Continue Reading →

Creature – Ex Cathedra (I, Voidhanger)

There’s a pretty fine line between ‘trve’ and ‘false’ Black Metal, literally it takes but one thing to cross into the false category, and that is success. Ridiculous I know, and the older I get the more silly it becomes…. Continue Reading →

Hellfest – A Pilgrimage For Metalheads (Corentin Charbonnier)

2020, the year the inconceivable happened. No festivals! A rite, a ritual for many and indeed as mentioned in the title a pilgrimage, which is a word that is not without validation as is explored in this book about France’s… Continue Reading →

Exocrine – Maelstrom (Unique Leader)

There is something about Tech Death labels that just exudes quality, as if they’re a magnet for exceptional bands. Perhaps it’s something in the music that demands a certain type of competitive attitude to be the best musician. I’ve always… Continue Reading →

Mazzeri – Mazzeri (S/R)

It’s widely accepted that the international language of rock and metal is English. That’s not to be jingoistic, and is every bit as likely to do with the origins of the sound in the USA as the UK, and the… Continue Reading →

Esoctrilihum – Eternity Of Shaog (I, Voidhanger)

It would appear we have covered all 4 prior releases from this strange and mysterious French entity, the sole project of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Asthâghul. Personally, I have given each album a cursory listen and always meant to get back… Continue Reading →

Neige Morte – IIII (Division Records)

Is there anything better than unwinding at the end of the working week with a beer in your hand whilst listening to underground Black and Death Metal? It truly is a great sensation and something the masses probably would never… Continue Reading →

Revenge – Coralie Fargeat (Second Sight)

Although a Belgian co-production, Revenge can easily be slotted in with the French new wave of extreme films that spiralled in blood and guts around the start of the new Millennium with the likes of Irreversible, Baise Moi, Haute Tension,… Continue Reading →

Abduction – Jehanne (Finisterian Dead End)

As far as I can recall, there are five metal bands called Abduction and I wasn’t sure which one this was when I put my hand up for the review so I was pleased to learn that this was the… Continue Reading →

Benighted – Obscene Repressed (Season Of Mist)

It is fair to say that only in the last decade have French death grinders Benighted really truly come to worldwide attention since the release of the iconic and brilliant “Asylum Cave” in 2011, but if you step back a… Continue Reading →

Voorhees – Chapter Two (Great Dane Records)

I really like Horror movies, it goes hand in hand with a love of Death Metal. Seriously though, I can’t get enough, be it Slasher classics, underground depraved movies in the vein of Guinea Pig or (a personal favourite) the… Continue Reading →

Nornes – Threads (Sleeping Church Records)

These melodic Doomsters hail from Valenciennes in Northern France and take their inspiration from none other than Candlemass with what sounds like more recent Alcest too. This four track E.P. is a continuation of ‘Vanity’ which came out two years… Continue Reading →

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