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Eluveitie – Ategnatos (Nuclear Blast)

There’s eerie mood music emerging from the speakers and a familiar dour Scottish bloke is doing a narrative – there’s no doubting it, the new Eluveitie album has begun! It’s been a while – we were tantalized with “Evocation II”,… Continue Reading →

Eluveitie – Evocation II – Pantheon (Nuclear Blast)

Eluveitie is Chrivel Glanzmann’s band and it always has been. Right from it’s inception back in 2002 he assembled like-minded musicians to carry forward his vision for his band. Therefor, members may come and go but as long as Glanzmann… Continue Reading →

Annwn – Idris Awaits (S/R)

Here’s a real blast from the past. This Welsh band got in touch reminding that we had reviewed their previous demos via past websites when they were active between 2006 and 2009. In that time the band have not split… Continue Reading →

Eluveitie – Origins (Nuclear Blast)

  Eluveitie’s 2008 release “Slania” is one of my all time favourite albums. I think it’s fantastic, having the right blend of Folk and Metal played by hugely talented musicians, all wrapped up in great arrangements and interesting songs. And… Continue Reading →

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