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Foetal Juice – Gluttony Album Premiere Stream (Gore House Productions)

  Four years on from their bulldozing debut album, Masters Of Absurdity, the ravenous dogs of Foetal Juice are back with a new full length record that redefines their own appetite for sickness and savagery. Gluttony is an unflinching exposé… Continue Reading →

Foetal Juice – Gluttony (Gore House Productions)

Here lies a salutary lesson and one I have heeded. Do not judge a book by its cover…ever…unless it’s a map of course but then is that a book? Who knows? And would you please get the fuck on with… Continue Reading →

Burial – Satanic Upheaval (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)

“Raw no frills, goat worshipping Black Metal”  Ooh yes please Black Phillip – let’s live deliciously . Manchester’s Burial are celebrating their 15th year by signing with Apocalyptic Witchcraft and conjuring up “Satanic Upheaval” a platter of raw, visceral, unholy treats… Continue Reading →

Body Harvest – Parasitic Slavery (Comatose Music)

Seeing home grown talent is always pleasing, and by home grown in this case I mean country grown. There seems to be a good swelling of bands coming from the UK’s underground recently, most notably for me would be Raised… Continue Reading →

Raised By Owls – Dreadful (S/R)

Much like the title of this album, things recently (outside of the world of music) have been pretty dreadful. Politicians playing hot potato with the country’s economic and geopolitical standings and future, abnormal weather patterns a plenty with no consistency… Continue Reading →

Neuroma, Cognitive, Foetal Juice, BTK, Colpocleisis, Exhumation – Liverpool Maguires 01/09/18

Up and down the country, you hear the same story: venues are closing down and local music scenes are at times, struggling to keep going. In Liverpool, we have lost some great venues which had a rich history and to… Continue Reading →

Task Force Beer – The Meaning Of Life (S/R)

Task Force Beer (also known as T.FB) are a death/grind/groove five piece from Trier, down in the Rhineland region of Germany who came together in 2015. Composed of members who featured in regional bands of similar styles, the gents, with… Continue Reading →

Foetal Juice – Masters Of Absurdity (Grindscene Records)

“We’re not like those other death metal bands who sing about killing and blood and guts. We sing about silly shit like a Nun taking a piss in the font” This statement (Or words to that effect), straight from the… Continue Reading →

FASTival – 1847Even Liverpool 26/09/2015

There’s something about going to a Grindcore friendly gig which just encourages madness. Whether it is the energy of the music and the edge and aggression to it, or whenever you hear that initial snare before the blastbeat starts you… Continue Reading →

Foetal Juice/Human Landfill Split (Grindscene Records)

Fresh from the black pudding fields of Ramsbottom come Foetal Juice. Actually “fresh” wouldn’t really describe Sam, the vocalist of FJ (the new OJ?) when I first met him, as he was drenched in sweat after the band’s performance at… Continue Reading →

Incineration Festival – Camden London 9/5/15

This festival hardly started small but in the space of a year has grown substantially and moved up from The Garage to no less than four venues in the heart of Camden. With 30 bands playing over the course of… Continue Reading →

Various Artists – A Split Worse Than Death (Grindscene Records)

I love split albums whether it’s two acts or in this case five showcasing the huge amount of brutally talented bands the UK has to offer in extreme metal. This split has Northern England nutters Foetal Juice, serial killer metal… Continue Reading →

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