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Forged In Black – Sinner Sanctorum (S/R)

This British band play a mix of everything, thrash, power, doom, and straight up heavy metal. The opening gambit ‘There’s Always Time’ makes a good impression sitting between Bruce Dickinson’s solo material and some slight reference to famous Swedish doom… Continue Reading →

Flotsam & Jetsam – S/T (AFM)

Flots and I are no longer seeing each-other. Things were going well enough and our relationship was actually getting better, but then Flots did something and I said some stuff and I realized it was over between us. It always… Continue Reading →

Bliksem – Gruesome Masterpiece (Iron Will/Rough Trade)

”Bliksem” is the Dutch word for lightning and once you hear this band, you can see why they are named this. The Belgian thrash outfit with a very gratuitous helping of classic 80’s heavy metal 5 piece have played with… Continue Reading →

Hirax – Immortal Legacy (SPV)

Thrashers rejoice!!  Hirax have returned after five years with their 5th full length ‘Immortal Legacy’.  And what an appropriate title this is as Katon and company are here to enshrine their immortal legacy with another killer example of thrash metal… Continue Reading →

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