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Athanasia – The Order Of The Silver Compass (ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records)

This is the début album by a trio of pretty accomplished musicians with a healthy résumé. Their logo and album cover definitely having roots in Caleb Bingham and Brandon Miller’s previous band Ascension. They are joined by veteran drummer Jason… Continue Reading →

All Hail The Yeti – Highway Crosses (Minus Head)

Ah. Oh. Just when you think you’re not that far removed from the metal mainstream, at least in your heart if not your age, this turns up. All Hail The Yeti. I was promised “a hair raising mixture of superstitious… Continue Reading →

Sicadis – Blood Of A Thousand Hearts (SR)

When receiving self-released albums in for review, it really is a lottery when it comes to what sort of quality you get. Bands vary in what they consider to be a ‘finished article’ in terms of production and songwriting and… Continue Reading →

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