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Firewind – Firewind (AFM Records)

My penchant for this Greek metal outfit is well known within my circle of friends as I adore every album this exceptional band has released in the last two decades and whilst I do have my favourite releases and songs… Continue Reading →

Steel Prophet – The God Machine (Rock Of Angels)

If you are a Steel Prophet fan that yearned for the day when they would sound just a little more like Mystic Prophecy then guess what you lucky, lucky person you, cos it’s your lucky day! In a real hands-across-the-ocean… Continue Reading →

Seven Kingdoms – Decennium (Napalm)

Formed back in 2007, this is actually Seven Kingdoms’ 4th full length album and their third with the stable line-up fronted by vocalist Sabrina Valentine. This is the band’s first release on Napalm – the band used Kickstarter to raise… Continue Reading →

Firewind – Immortals (Century Media)

It has been five years since the last full length from Firewind, the band headed up by guitar extraordinaire Gus G. During those years Gus G has been busy on other projects including the release of two solo albums and… Continue Reading →

Serious Black – Mirrorworld (AFM)

Serious Black, The ‘Allstar Power Metal’ band are back again. 18 months on from their debut effort “As Daylight Breaks” which was a respectable, melodic slice of European inspired Power Metal leaning to the more melodic side of the musical… Continue Reading →

Spiritual Beggars – Sunrise To Sundown (Inside Out)

You know, I tend to grit my teeth whenever I hear a new rock or metal band described as a “Super Group”, an overused moniker that often means a hodgepodge of disparate artists thrown together by label pressures or a… Continue Reading →

Gus G – Brand New Revolution (Century Media)

If you pay any attention to Gus G, the guy who delivers the killer axe work in Ozzy Osbourne’s band you will know that he seems to be a workaholic. His exponential creative energy has seen the guitar maestro do… Continue Reading →

Helloween – Straight Out Of Hell (Sony Music)

It is quite obvious that Helloween’s fans are firmly divided between the Kiske and Deris vocal camps, with the latter being the current shouter for this stalwart German power metal band. Arguably the band has never really found form since… Continue Reading →

Doro – Raise Your Fist (Nuclear Blast)

Doro is cool. How cool is Doro? Doro is so cool she can get Lemmy to guest on a song. Singing. A duet. A power ballad duet. That’s how cool Doro is. Q.E.D. OK, now if you don’t know who… Continue Reading →

Pathfinder – Fifth Element (Sonic Attack Records)

This album has all the hallmarks of a classic piece of power metal, thanks to its outward bombast, flamboyance and colourful artwork. What is less usual is that it comes fromPoland. But then where there’s a Behemoth, there’s a Riverside… Continue Reading →

Dragonforce – The Power Within (Electric Generation Recordings)

Arguably Dragonforce, called Dragonheart originally when I saw them prior to their huge current popularity supporting Stratovarius, pioneered the UK’s power metal surge into a scene that was and probably still is European dominated. Having now seen the band countless… Continue Reading →

3 Inches of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal (Century Media)

They cannot be serious. “Long Live Heavy Metal” has to be the most trite album title I’ve ever seen. Is it a wind-up, a 1970s K-Tel re-release or a genuine belief, I asked myself. I had to find out so… Continue Reading →

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