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Northern Oak – Of Roots And Flesh (S/R)

Although I’d head their name mentioned here and there previously, I didn’t really catch up with this Sheffield sextet until their second album ‘Monuments’ had been out for a while and I witnessed their engaging set at Warhorns 2013 (a… Continue Reading →

Finntroll – Natten Med De Levande Finntroll ( Spinefarm)

Finnish, yep, long hair, yep, elfin looking folk, yep…. So ladies and gents, this is Finntroll. One of Finland’s finest exports. Yet mixing it up and singing in Swedish! What? Yes. The original vocalist Katla is part of the Swedish… Continue Reading →

Arkona – Yav (Napalm)

I’ve always found Russian Pagan Folk band Arkona an interesting and intriguing listen, but when funds are tight there was always another band that won my hard-earned. Then I realized I might be doing them a disservice because I really… Continue Reading →

Deathquintet – Godwork (Sonic Lab)

Ever heard of Sargatanas Reign? Well, I hadn’t and Deathquintet formed out of their ashes about 5 years ago. So while this may be a début album it’s actually a third one really and meant to be a prequel to… Continue Reading →

Interview – Týr

We were invited to interview the mighty Tyr following Ave Noctum’s 9/10 review for their highly impressive Valkyrja album. Unfortunately our correspondent was overseas and unable to interview the band in person, but Tyr frontman and lead vocalist Heri Joensen… Continue Reading →

Vorna – Ajastaika (Inverse Records)

Yes this is Vorna, not Horna in case you thought I’d got something wrong and this act has been around since about 2008 and released a trio of demos culminating in this debut album of melodic black metal and proudly… Continue Reading →

Equilibrium – Waldershrein (Nuclear Blast)

Equilibrium should be available on the NHS. In fact, Folk Metal in general should be prescribed as an alternative remedy to drugs like Prozac – “Yes Mrs Clarke, we’d like to try something a little different, if you could play… Continue Reading →

Fejd – Nagelfar (Napalm)

Fejd return for the third instalment on their quest to prove Traditional Folk Metal isn’t just a load of old Balalaikas. Actually, there’s no Balalaikas at all – however there is Hurdy-Gurdie, Jew’s Harp, Recorder, Swedish Bagpipe, Moraharpa, Cow Antler,… Continue Reading →

Frozen Ocean – Trollvinter (SR)

Although I write this on April 1st it is no joke and it is not the work of a fool either. With bands as varied as Finntroll to Trollfest and of course Arckanum it is a shame that none have… Continue Reading →

Wallachia – Shunya (Debemur Morti)

Wallachia is one Lars Stavdal, a Norwegian, and a number of supporting musicians. The band has been mostly active since 1995, since when there have been two albums. “Shunya”, advertised as a gloomy and personal work of atmospheric and symphonic… Continue Reading →

Lyr Drowning – Beyond the Borders (Great Dane Records)

With an unusual sounding band name comes an unusual album. I’d seen this second album from the French band described as “melodic death metal” but this is much more than that. There’s a bit of everything here. The sound is… Continue Reading →

Valknacht – Chants De Guerre (CDMR)

60 minutes plus of pagan black metal is not something I would generally be enthralled about, but Canada’s Valknacht kept me occupied with ease throughout this albums duration. As with all pagan influenced albums this starts with battle like noises… Continue Reading →

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