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Byrdi – Ansur : Urkraft (Troll Music)

Byrdi – Ansur : Urkraft (Troll Music)

Raise your horns, light the camp fire and blend with nature! If you like traditional songs in Norwegian, Byrdi is your world. Folk-tribal drums, acoustic guitars and epic vocals emitted with crystal clarity covers it but this is far too mundane a description. From the.. Read More
Wormwood – Ghostlands: Wounds From A Bleeding Earth (Non Serviam)

Wormwood – Ghostlands: Wounds From A Bleeding Earth (Non Serviam)

Revelations gets all apocalyptic with Wormwood in the bible, it’s a catastrophic star heralding plagues. It may also remind you of similar calamitous times spent in the aftermath of absinthe binges and the next morning feeling like you have indeed felt the touch of death... Read More
Skiltron - Legacy Of Blood (Trollzorn)

Skiltron – Legacy Of Blood (Trollzorn)

What a fantastic form of music Metal is! Come on – Tell me another form of music other than Metal where an Argentinian band can morph together a German band (Running Wild), a British band (Skyclad), a Finnish band (Finntroll) and an Italian band (Elvenking),.. Read More
Finsterforst – YOLO (Napalm)

Finsterforst – YOLO (Napalm)

When is a covers EP not a covers EP? When it’s two EPs really stretching over forty minutes and without a Moonsorrow epic in sight. One part is original songs, one of ‘pop’ covers (half of which I’ve never even heard of ‘cos like that.. Read More
Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika (Century Media)

Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika (Century Media)

Let me start by being completely upfront. This is Moonsorrow’s best album for more than a decade. Perhaps even one of their best yet. It’s a melting pot of all that has gone before and if you’re not hooked in the first two minutes then.. Read More
Varg - Rotkäppchen (Napalm)

Varg – Rotkäppchen (Napalm)

This release has been designated as an EP but clocks in at 48 minutes and is the first release by this German band in three years. Decked out in red and black paint for their promo shots they have crafted an image that whilst not.. Read More
Shape of Despair – Monotony Fields (Season of Mist)

Shape of Despair – Monotony Fields (Season of Mist)

Funeral doom, from the outside at least, sometimes feels like it must be on the verge of dying out thanks to a conceptual gene pool that makes UKIP policy look broad minded. As a sub-genre within a sub-genre, its sheer plodding box-ticking mix of heaviness.. Read More
Korpiklaani -  Noita (Nuclear Blast)

Korpiklaani – Noita (Nuclear Blast)

Finnish folk boozers Korpiklaani started out in 1993 under the name of ‘Shamaani Duo’ then later as ‘Shaman’ however this name was also that of a Brazilian metal band so they changed It again to ‘Korpiklaani’ meaning “Clan of the Wilderness”. With an impressive 8.. Read More
Ensiferum - One Man Army (Metal Blade)

Ensiferum – One Man Army (Metal Blade)

Finland’s folksters Ensiferum meaning “Sword Bearer” started out in 1995 as a cover band with Wintersun’s Jari Mäenpää. However, Jari left in 2004 due to tour clashes with Wintersun. In came Petri Lindroos of Norther who originally only joined to do the live dates that.. Read More
Skálmöld - Með Vættum (Napalm)

Skálmöld – Með Vættum (Napalm)

The dramatic cover art that adorns this third release from Icelandic folk viking metallers Skálmöld sets the scene so well you could quite easily imagine yourself immersed in the tumultuous seascape whilst absorbing the eight exhilarating songs contained within the album that hits off with.. Read More
Northern Oak - Of Roots And Flesh (S/R)

Northern Oak – Of Roots And Flesh (S/R)

Although I’d head their name mentioned here and there previously, I didn’t really catch up with this Sheffield sextet until their second album ‘Monuments’ had been out for a while and I witnessed their engaging set at Warhorns 2013 (a cool little festival that health.. Read More
Finntroll -  Natten Med De Levande Finntroll ( Spinefarm)

Finntroll – Natten Med De Levande Finntroll ( Spinefarm)

Finnish, yep, long hair, yep, elfin looking folk, yep…. So ladies and gents, this is Finntroll. One of Finland’s finest exports. Yet mixing it up and singing in Swedish! What? Yes. The original vocalist Katla is part of the Swedish speaking folk in Finland. The.. Read More