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Förgjord – Laulu Kuolemasta (Werewolf Records)

Black Metal is very much a seasonal thing for me, I’m that sad act who ‘prefers it in the winter’. That said I kind of feel that those foundations have been shaken in the last few weeks. What with the… Continue Reading →

Gloom – Rider Of The Last Light (Spread Evil Productions)

Including members of Nekrokrist SS (apparently not political) this is a debut and its country of origin couldn’t be in doubt. Beginning with a gunshot in ‘Bleed’ we are flung straight into a Finnish whirlwind of tumultuous riffing and that… Continue Reading →

Flagg – Nothing But Death (Purity Through Fire)

One of the joys of this lark is picking up a band who are brand new and mysterious to cover and finding you have a gem on your hands. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way but as… Continue Reading →

Violent Hammer – Riders of the Wasteland (Hells Headbangers)

These Finns have been around since 2006 and deal in a primal mix of black, death and grindcore.  Every so often I listen to a band and find its extremity strangely relaxing and soporific. Violent Hammer are one such band…. Continue Reading →

October Falls – A Fall of an Epoch (Purity Through Fire)

October Falls are a longstanding black metal band from Finland, founded by Mikko Lehto in 2001. A one-man project in its beginnings, the band quickly expanded to a full band line up. Today, its three members can look back on… Continue Reading →

[ówt krì] – The Burning Prophet (NCTMMRN)

“The project conjures layered soundscapes with DIY instruments in the fields of experimental music, noisescapes and dark ethereal ambient” is the way the label manager introduces this latest album from Finland’s Kenneth Kovasin, the creator of [ówt krì]. I simply… Continue Reading →

and Oceans – Cosmic World Mother (Season of Mist)

…and Oceans have always been an interesting band, transforming their sound from symphonic black metal to a more electronic industrialised style. When I saw this, it occurred to me that I hadn’t heard of them for ages. There was an… Continue Reading →

Turmion Kätilӧt – Global Warning (Nuclear Blast)

Finnish Industrial outfit Turmion Kätilӧt hail from Kuopio and their name literally translates to ‘Midwives of Ruin’. They’ve been doing the rounds for the best part of 2 decades and have finally got their big break with a signing to… Continue Reading →

Demonic Death Judge – The Trail (Suicide Records)

The stoner and sludge scene spreads its wings far and wide. Finnish riff lords, Demonic Death Judge have released their fourth long player, “The Trail”. Since their formation in 2009, they’ve had a steady stream of albums, EP’s and split… Continue Reading →

Oblivion Gate – Wisdom Of The Grave (ATMF)

Ah Matron Thorn, musically we meet again and so soon after the last Benighted In Sodom album. Between these releases he has also cropped up with new Ævangelist material and these are just a few of many projects he is… Continue Reading →

Hexvessel – Kindred (Svart)

If ever there was a time to take a brief respite from madness and apocalyptic extreme metal it is now and thankfully some relief is at hand. Just over a year after last album ‘All Tree’ Finnish forest folk band… Continue Reading →

Nightwish – Human II Nature (Nuclear Blast)

The release of a new Nightwish album is always a focal point in the Symphonic Metal calendar. Well, they don’t happen very often nowadays do they? Incredibly this is only the second Nightwish studio album to feature fantastic vocal powerhouse… Continue Reading →

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