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Hraun – Black Molten Essence (FDA Records)

I’m a dad of two, and I am not a great cook. It is fair to say that when I am called upon to provide sustenance for my two by now not-so-mini offspring, unless it is something that I can… Continue Reading →

Scalpture – Eisenzeit (FDA Records)

Four years on from “Panzerdoktrin” these Germans are back with their second full length and what a blast it is. If you’re not familiar with the band, their sound is a unique and aggressive blend of old school Swedeath and… Continue Reading →

Profanator – Fallen (FDA Records)

Mexican act Profanator are the final stab I got in my last reviews of this month and are by far the most progressive yet still inherently beastly on every song. This fourth album was actually out in 2018 on Mat… Continue Reading →

Stråle – Bourbon Souls (FDA Records)

It might come as a surprise to those who frequent the hallowed pages of Ave Noctum to see yours truly doing a review for a band on F.D.A, a renowned Death Metal label. Not least myself. But as the description… Continue Reading →

Invictus – The Catacombs of Fear (FDA Records)

Wow they are a lot of bands called Invictus! A quick search on Encyclopaedia Metallum unearths 10. Are they all such fans of Matt Damon and rugby I wonder? This particular Invictus are a three piece Death Metal band from… Continue Reading →

Evoked – Ravenous Compulsion (FDA Records)

Evoked are a German trio and this their debut full length since forming in 2013. As soon as ‘Resurrect The Source’ hits we get death metal in its most straightforward form. The production is nice and clear, the drums sharp,… Continue Reading →

Obscure Infinity – Evocation of Chaos / Into the Vortex of Obscurity (FDA Records)

German Death metal, pure and simple… These guys have been going for a few years and herald an old school approach. Every now and then there are some super cool melodic passages added into the mix. Essentially, a complete package… Continue Reading →

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