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Fäulnis – Antikult (Grau)

Out of the blue a sudden announcement came that German Sickblackartists Fäulnis were preparing a new album and I patiently awaited it to fall in my promo in-tray downloading it the second it did. From then I have been immersing… Continue Reading →

Ophis – Abhorrence In Opulence (Cyclone Empire)

This is indeed a grisly affair! Ophis are yet another band which has languished in relative obscurity, yet this fact has not stopped them being fairly prolific; `Abhorrence…’ is their third full-length release. For the uninitiated, Ophis are worshippers at… Continue Reading →

Vanhelga – Längtan (Art Of Propaganda)

Blimey this lot work quickly! I only reviewed the Swedes (album length) EP Sommar at the end of last year and that came rather swiftly from previous album Host earlier in the year and here they are again. Not that… Continue Reading →

Harakiri For The Sky – Aokigahara (Art Of Propaganda)

I have been to this place before courtesy of Frozen Ocean. The suicide forest or sea of trees in Japan is a place where many tread their final path to shuffle off this mortal coil. Ghostly, macabre, steeped in legend… Continue Reading →

Interview – Fäulnis

Having just delivered third album Snuff || Hiroshima on Cold Dimensions German act Faulnis as ever posed a musical conundrum that got my imagination flowing and intrigued as to where exactly it was coming from. With a melting pot of… Continue Reading →

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