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Pistilos Opium – Hibrido (Fallen Temple)

Having previously released a digital and cassette version of this EP in December 2019 Polish label Fallen Temple has seen fit to reissue it on CD format and digitally again. Hailing from Chile, the band has that unique grisly South… Continue Reading →

Ruho – The Devout Thrum (Fallen Temple)

Having given the 6 discs from Fallen Temple a spin and offered them out for review this one sat here for a while without being claimed. Great, as when I went back to it for another play I realised in… Continue Reading →

Vonülfsrëich – Hyperborëan Hills (Fallen Temple)

I’m often know as a bit of a genre fanatic, it becomes a bit of a joke that I refer to bands or sounds with such specifics. I just can’t help it, it helps me to define everything so much… Continue Reading →

Dead Dog’s Howl – Mausoleum Of Confessed Thoughts (Fallen Temple)

I picked this up for many reasons (weirdly including postage…) but mostly I admit for the participation of the legendary Jim Mutilator as lyricist. Beyond that I admit I knew nothing. Not sure I really know much more now to… Continue Reading →

Veneration – Thy Infernal (Fallen Temple)

Here is a five track blast of venom from Veneration. from Indonesia. The packaging that comes with this EP from the Indonesian band goes overboard on its black metal credentials. The track titles remind us that everything is infernal, there… Continue Reading →

Vermisst – Zmierzch stalowej ciemności (Fallen Temple)

First of a brace of discs landing on us from Fallen Temple in Poland sees home-grown talent Vermisst (Missing) in action. Relatively a new band forming only in 2018 they already have 2 demos and a split with Plaguespawn to… Continue Reading →

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