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Tristwood – Blackcrowned Majesty (S/R)

I gotta say I had never heard of Tristwood. These Austrian Industrial Black metalheads have flown under my radar since their inception at the start of the Millennium. There has been a bit of to and fro for them but… Continue Reading →

Celestial Bodies-Spit Forth From Chaos (I, Voidhanger)

Raw noise infused bestial Black Metal informed by a free form Jazz style. Easy listening this was not going to be, but what is life without a challenge?  This Dutch duo are ex members of Nihil and Dead Neanderthals and… Continue Reading →

Broken Down – First Spit (Altsphere)

Apparently this is something new, broken down into reduced compounds. I guess that means this French lot don’t care for being pigeonholed and to be fair they have right mixed up sounds and styles taking in everything from electronics, through… Continue Reading →

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