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Face Down

Eversin – Armageddon Genesi (My Kingdom Music)

The guys in this band have been around for almost 20 years having existed previously as Fuoco Fatuo (but not the death metal band of the same name I should add) prior to changing their name to Eversin. Eversin has… Continue Reading →

The Haunted – Strength In Numbers (Century Media)

AC/DC. Van Halen. Black Sabbath. Candlemass*. The list goes on. What list, you may enquire? Why, the list of bands of whom there are multiple singers across their discography, where there is a prevailing opinion about whom the best vocalist… Continue Reading →

Trident – Jezebel (Elitbolaget)

Having formed in 2005, Trident decided to pack it in in 2010. After a 5 year hiatus they have returned with a 3-track EP. The Finnish quartet from Porvoo has made ‘Jezebel’ a thematic EP in which a time is… Continue Reading →

The Haunted – Exit Wounds (Century Media)

Given the recent line up changes in the camp of The Haunted, their latest full length release’s title “Exit Wounds” is quite fitting in some kind of symbolic way. Losing the volatile and enigmatic frontman Peter Dolving along with Anders… Continue Reading →

Forgery – With These Fists (Battlegod Productions)

‘With These Fists’ is the second full length album by this Norwegian quartet who formed in 1990 and reformed in 2002 after a hiatus. While their roots are most definitely in thrash, there’s plenty of down tuned groove in there… Continue Reading →

DevilDriver – Winter Kills (Napalm)

I remember reviewing the first DevilDriver CD, but didn’t realise that it was 10 years ago already, or that they’ve released 4 other albums for that matter. The easy part of the review for me is that their style hasn’t… Continue Reading →

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