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Dolore – Fantasmi (HPGD Productions)

As I am sure the record label is well aware, horror, pain, gore and death are all key ingredients of any good horror film. So too are decent direction, acting, story and scares but show me as film with everything… Continue Reading →

Empty – Vacio (Osmose)

I remembered Spanish band Empty not by their name which is hardly remarkable but by the cover art to their third album The House Of Funerary Hymns which certainly caught my attention on release in 2009 with its spooky imagery… Continue Reading →

Interview – Bloody Hammers

They’re creepy and they’re kooky mysterious and spooky. Nope let’s not go down that route even if their world is a little on the strange and horrific side. Bloody Hammers consist of Anders Magna and Devallia who pass their time… Continue Reading →

Theatres Des Vampires – Candyland (Scarlet)

Blimey was it really way back in 2011 when this house of vampires last took us on a ‘Moonlight Waltz.’ I guess it doesn’t really matter quite so much when you are immortal but us fans do age all too… Continue Reading →

Abysmal Grief – Strange Rites Of Evil (Terror From Hell)

We are all used to our doom being a little on the slow side and that certainly proved to be the point with a package of three discs, including this one which took over a month to even arrive in… Continue Reading →

Sigh – Graveward (Candlelight)

Warning may contain nuts! Yes and it’s rather nutty stories that have helped pave the way towards Japanese loons Sigh’s tenth album. Founding member and guitarist Shinichi Ishikawa was removed from the line up due to the fact that apparently… Continue Reading →

Tony Tears – Music From The Astral Worlds (2010-2014) (Minotauro Records)

Italian label Minotauro Records recently sent in a load of intriguing albums. They release “music from the labyrinth” and deal with a lot of obscure and cult artists from their home country. Not only that but it appears they take… Continue Reading →

Anima Morte – Upon Darkened Stains (Transubstans)

Horror soundtrack music is really getting a massive resurgence at the moment. It’s partly due to Claudio Simonetti and his tireless gigging with his version of Goblin doing live shows accompanied by the Dario Argento films that they scored in… Continue Reading →

Necrophagia – Whiteworm Cathedral (Season Of Mist)

Well this album has been a real horror story for Killjoy and his shock troops. Whiteworm Cathedral should have been out a couple of years ago but has been held up in litigation hell. Finally though it is time for… Continue Reading →

Abertoir Horror Festival – Aberystwyth Wales Nov 2013 Part 3

DAY FIVE begins. The Borderlands is that rarest of beasts, a found footage film that isn’t total shite. Strange things have been happening at a village church in the West Country, and a team of Vatican investigators are sent to… Continue Reading →

Cold Cell – Generation Abomination (Gravity Entertainment)

Clocking the band name and album title I instantly had an idea in my head that this lot were going to be filthy cyber black metal in line with the likes of Aborym and Blacklodge. Of course I was partly… Continue Reading →

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