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Coffin Rot – A Monument To The Dead (Blood Harvest)

Blasting out of Portland, Oregon come Coffin Rot with their debut full length album “A Monument To The Dead”. Not a bad turn around as they only formed in 2017. In that time they’ve released two demos & a split… Continue Reading →

Come Back From The Dead – The Rise Of The Blind Ones (Transcending Obscurity)

Name a death metal band from Spain….come on quick….. you can’t can you. Well, I can…. And not only are Come Back From The Dead from  A Coruña but they are killer too! What does Spanish death metal sound like?… Continue Reading →

Exumer – Hostile Defiance (Metal Blade)

Returning once again to bring the Teutonic Thrash fury, Exumer are here with ‘Hostile Defiance’, the follow up to the impressive 2016 release; “The Raging Tides”. Exposition isn’t really necessary here because face it, Teutonic Thrash metal is something easily… Continue Reading →

Dreadful Fate – Vengeance (I Hate Records)

Like old German thrash? Miss the days of “Pleasure To Kill” and “Infernal Overkill”? Do you have the first two Exumer albums on constant rotation?  Well, if that’s the case, this record will make you throb so hard you’ll artex… Continue Reading →

Darkness – The Gasoline Solution (High Roller Records)

About 30 years ago Germany’s Darkness released a trio of very good thrash albums starting in 1987 with “Death Squad” followed by “Defenders Of Justice” and “Conclusion & Revival” in 1988 and 1989 respectively that were part of the second… Continue Reading →

Destruction – Under Attack (Nuclear Blast)

‘Big Teutonic 4’ my arse! There’s only THREE mega successful German thrash bands in my book and that’s Kreator, Sodom and these guys – Destruction. How those beer soaked loons, Tankard, found their way on the ‘Big Teutonic 4’ EPs… Continue Reading →

Nocturnal – Storming Evil (High Roller)

One sign of becoming an old bastard is repeatedly referring to ‘time flying’ – something I find myself regularly writing and saying over recent years. But, with that said; time really does fly doesn’t it? I mean, it only seems… Continue Reading →

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