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Exiled From Light

Valefor – Hidden In The Arms Of Death (Sabbathid Records)

This album, Valefor’s second full length, has been out a while, but as is the way with things it has only just made its way through the Ave Noctum gates. Being as it’s a one man Turkish depressive black metal… Continue Reading →

Die Toten Kehren Wieder Mit Dem Wind – Ein Wanderer (SR)

There are some albums that impress so much by their physical appearance that at the very least you know there is serious attention and involvement in your hands. This limited release is kind of special in its hand crafted presentation;… Continue Reading →

Lord Agheros – Demiurgo (My Kingdom Music)

Back once more into the comforting arms of atmospheric/ambient black metal. It is a place I like to be, I admit, as I often think of them as soundtracks to lost films. Here it is all about the atmosphere and… Continue Reading →

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