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Infected Flesh – Concatenation Of Severe Infections (Comatose Music)

Gross, hideous, diabolical and disgusting are all terms just to describe the art work that adorns this rather delectable and sweet onslaught of brutal death metal from Spain. Cynically I could take one of the countless reviews I’ve done for… Continue Reading →

Eviscerate Carnage – The Art Of Pathology (Abyssus Records)

This is a new act, as the band has no listing even on Metal Archives which surprises me. This is their  debut offering, an EP soaked in offal drenched steaming death metal that wears its influences clearly on its mangled… Continue Reading →

Autopsy – Born Undead (Peaceville)

A new Autopsy DVD already? I was barely done having sex with the previous mythbuster ‘Dark Crusades’. It brought us Autopsy’s legacy, the long-dead legend, a corpse that was never to rise again. We experienced a pack of teenagers playing… Continue Reading →

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