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Exhumed – Horror (Relapse)

I may have spoken about this before but the one thing that first drew me towards Death Metal was Horror. Ever since I was a child I’ve been obsessed with the dark and macabre, hence why I turned out the… Continue Reading →

Witch Vomit – Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave (20 Buck Spin)

Band name and album title should leave you no clue left to find as to the musical style of these Americans, who have a heavy Scandinavian sound and a deathly vocal howl practiced by bands making a touch more extreme… Continue Reading →

Noisem – Cease To Exist (20 Buck Spin)

Faster! Faster! I hear you cry, the unfailing chant of endless Grindcore shows which has rung out over the decades. Yet now the question is can things be any faster? I mean how fast is fast nowadays? Equally is speed… Continue Reading →

Gruesome – Twisted Prayers (Relapse)

There’s no school like the old school, or so they say. For me personally I would like to think that this modern age has still given birth to some exceptional bands, granted we may never see anyone reach the dizzy… Continue Reading →

Haemorrhage – We Are The Gore (Relapse)

How is it even remotely possible that these Spanish ne’er do wells have been in the very metal game since 1991? To invite groans from our readership, the only traces of rot to be found here are in the lyrical… Continue Reading →

Expulsion – Nightmare Future (Relapse Records)

Any band that consists of Matt Olivo (Repulsion), Matt Harvey (Gruesome, Exhumed), Danny Walker (Exhumed, Intronaut, Phobia) and Menno Verbaten (), should be a beast and that is exactly what this debut release is, but I wish it was longer… Continue Reading →

Origin – Unparalleled Universe (Agonia Records)

Origin are now verging on a 20 year history and since their inception in Kansas, USA, they have delivered a brutal and unrelenting brand of death metal which makes everyone sit up and take note. “Unparalleled universe” is Origins 7th… Continue Reading →

Ghoul – Dungeon Bastards (Tankcrimes)

It’s been nearly 5 years since the last full length release from Creepsylvania’s splatterthrshing maniaxe, and I can say right off the bat it has been worth the wait. For those unfamiliar with Ghoul, they play thrash metal laced with… Continue Reading →

Gruesome – Dimensions of Horror (Relapse)

When both current and former members of Exhumed, Possessed and Malevolent Creation unite to create a sound that pays homage to the forefathers of death metal, you know you’re pretty much guaranteed an audible pleasure. American death super group Gruesome… Continue Reading →

Act of Defiance – Birth and the Burial (Metal Blade)

I guess after nearly a decade and a half the editor has a pretty good handle on my musical tastes and when he gave me this to review I wasn’t really sure I wanted to. I guess it had a… Continue Reading →

Killchain – Where Is Your Saviour (Metal Age)

Slovakia’s Killchain have been plying their death metal trade since 2005, originally focussing on sounds of the old school. Along the way they’ve played with bands as diverse as Exhumed, Gorgoroth, Cynic and released two albums. Perhaps inspired by the… Continue Reading →

Infected Flesh – Concatenation Of Severe Infections (Comatose Music)

Gross, hideous, diabolical and disgusting are all terms just to describe the art work that adorns this rather delectable and sweet onslaught of brutal death metal from Spain. Cynically I could take one of the countless reviews I’ve done for… Continue Reading →

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