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Dark Forest – Beyond the Veil (Cruz De Sur)

The leading sons of the Black Country return with perhaps their greatest album to date. Long have I been an admirer of this band as some of you know, but truly, ‘Beyond the Veil’ takes UK metal to the next… Continue Reading →

Zardoz – John Boorman (Arrow)

The mid 70’s were a great time for experimentation and radical ideas and when you mixed dystopian fantasy and a shed load of psychedelic pharmaceuticals the results for film goers could often send them on a right old trip in… Continue Reading →

Dark Forest – The Awakening (Cruz Del Sur)

I have followed this UK Black Country band for a long time since their demo days, I have admired and enjoyed their live performances for more times than I care to remember, but stone me…Dark Forest have pulled the genie… Continue Reading →

Knightriders – George A Romero (Arrow)

Cutting straight to the chase, Knighriders is a gem of a film and a wonderful movie that finally deserves its DVD UK and worldwide Blu-ray release courtesy of Arrow. Directed by George A Romero in 1981 it followed on from… Continue Reading →

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