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Evoken – Hypnagogia (Profound Lore)

Apparently Evoken state that they wanted “to present the listener with an emotionally exhausting record” and they have certainly done that, I have fallen asleep several times listening to this. That’s not a criticism in the slightest, I just find… Continue Reading →

Illimitable Dolor – ST (Transcending Obscurity)

Featuring members of Australian doom outfit The Slow Death, this self-titled release by Illimitable Dolor represents a tribute to friend and bandmate Gregg Williamson. The Slow Death vocalist passed away in December 2014 and close friend Stuart Prickett began to… Continue Reading →

Chalice of Suffering – For You I Die (Times End Records)

There’s always been a low-fi fringe to the funeral doom fraternity – and metal in general, I suppose – and it’s easy to forget the appeal of that in these days of digital perfection. What’s more the possibilities of the… Continue Reading →

Ritual Chamber – The Pits Of Tentacled Screams (Hellthrasher)

Always feels kinda nice and also odd getting a CD review copy of something that screams ‘old school’ so loudly it probably spins at 33rpm. That and it sounds so tangible and so thick with tar that you could resurface… Continue Reading →

Aphonic Threnody – When Death Comes (Doomentia)

Certain names seem to crop up throughout the year and I do wonder at times who the most prolific musician is that turns up in extreme music with the most regularity? Rogga Johannson is no slouch, Niklas Kvarforth likes guesting… Continue Reading →

Mesmur – S/T (Code666)

Funeral doom is the ultimate slow-burn and, as a result, always has the same impending potential as that drifting iceberg lying in wait for the Titanic. It can be a long wait in cold dark waters but when the crunch… Continue Reading →

Esoteric – Vinyl Reissues (Aesthetic Death)

The thing that I have always loved about Birmingham spawned UK act Esoteric is their distinct uniqueness and their skill at turning music into art-forms beyond the scope of what one would anticipate. The emotions and atmospheres that they craft… Continue Reading →

Woebegone Obscured – Marrow of Dreams (I, Voidhanger)

With cover art featuring a joyously glowing daisy, you’d be forgiven for thinking this album was some kind of hippie chillout extravaganza had it not been for the fact you are currently perusing Ave Noctum. Of course, reality is far… Continue Reading →

Acacia – Tills döden skiljer oss åt (Art Of Propaganda)

This is an album I have been trying to put internet pen to paper down for a while but it keeps making me to come back for another listen and it is not a short album either. Acacia on paper… Continue Reading →

Abstract Spirit – Theomorphic Defectiveness (Solitude)

A defective divine form sounds like the stuff of nightmares as would have been receiving a batch of discs from Solitude Productions which did not include at least one Russian funeral doom band. Luckily amidst the treasures that they sent,… Continue Reading →

Evoken, Indesinence, Ophis & Evadne – London Boston Arms 23/6/13

This was our reward for not making it to Hellfest, a night of long songs and tortured riffs to soak us in misery. Of course that started with the normal weekend tube shutdowns but we are used to these and… Continue Reading →

Officium Triste – Mors Viri (Hammerheart)

To my shame, I’ve not heard any Officium Triste until now, despite  this being the Dutch crews fifth full length album. I’d seen the name about here and there, but had pretty much written them off on the grounds that… Continue Reading →

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