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Evergrey – The Storm Within (AFM)

2014’s “Hymns For The Broken” was a very important release for Evergrey. They nearly called it quits, but managed to find the inspiration and desire to carry on…and then delivered what was probably their best and most complete album to… Continue Reading →

Phantasma – Deviant Hearts (Napalm)

Feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page, it’s fine I don’t mind, but there, near the end will be the name of this reviewer that will confirm immediately that this is not the new release from the… Continue Reading →

Avatarium – The Girl With The Raven Mask (Nuclear Blast)

It’s the second full-length outing for Swedish Dark/Doom/Heavy Metallers Avatarium, the band that features guitarist Marcus Jidell (ex-Evergrey, ex-Royal Hunt, The Ring etc.), his missus Jennie-Ann Smith doing a sterling job on Vocals, bassist Lief Edling (Mr. Candlemass etc.), Carl… Continue Reading →

Borealis – Purgatory (AFM)

Snapped up by AFM after a self-released debut and a follow up on Lion music, Canadian Metallers Borealis are certainly seizing their opportunity with both clenched fists. This is the first thing I’ve heard by the band, but even the… Continue Reading →

Insurrection – Catatonic (Big Bad Wolf)

Dutch melodic death metal come thrash slingers Insurrection formed in 2010 and set about making their reputation as a serious act with continual touring and hard hitting music. Having shared the stage with bands like Destruction, Hypocrisy and Evergrey, the… Continue Reading →

Avatarium – All I Want (Nuclear Blast)

The creative forces behind this veritable super-group from Sweden consist of Leif Edling (Candlemass) and Marcus Jidell (Evergrey) to name the founders of the band but also the incredible talent of Jennie-Ann Smith on vocals whose tone and delivery will… Continue Reading →

Silent Call – Truth’s Redemption (Dust On The Tracks)

I’m torn. Torn between championing the cause of a massively underrated and under-exposed Metal band, and the pride I feel when chatting about Progressive Metal to like minded people and playing them Silent Call – who invariably they have never… Continue Reading →

Avatarium – ST (Nuclear Blast)

Dooooooom is fun. It is. It gets your head nodding and your bits moving in all the right ways . The guys and gal from Avatarium do Doom and they do it well.  This quintet hail from Stockholm and have… Continue Reading →

Epysode – Fantasmagoria (AFM)

Epysode’s debut totally passed me by! I missed it somehow – How?? I do like a bit of Dark Power Metal and sure enough this second offering has it in spades. There’s no Dragons being slayed here, no wizards. no… Continue Reading →

Memory Garden – Doomain (Metal Blade)

As far as I remember, Memory Garden were one of the better known band’s in a 90’s Swedish Metal movement. Along with Memento Mori, Tad Morose, Morgana Lefay and Abstrakt Algebra, it was all a kind of Dark/Power/Doom thing that… Continue Reading →

Interview – Masterstroke

In January 2013 Finnish metal band Masterstroke release their fourth album “Broken”. To find out more, Andrew Doherty interviewed Janne Juutinen and Jussi Kulomaa the band’s drummer and keyboardist respectively. AN: Hello! Thanks for agreeing to answer a few questions… Continue Reading →

Masterstroke – Broken (Dynamic Arts Records)

It’s always a good sign when you play a record and immediately put it on again when it’s finished. That’s what happened here, and not merely as a reviewer’s obligation. It’s not that this album is especially original or unique…. Continue Reading →

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