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Liv Kristine – Vervain (Napalm)

The work ethic of Liv Kristine seems boundless as this fifth solo album hits the Autumn shelves in the light of her collaboration with Anneke Van Giersbergen and Kari Rueslåtten, the latter of very early 3rd And The Mortal fame,… Continue Reading →

Undecimber – Dead Inside (Downfall Records)

“Undecimber or Undecember is a name for a thirteenth month in a calender that normally has twelve months”. Thanks Wikipedia, that’s cleared that one up – but what of the band? “Undecimber is a Swedish Gothic/Dark Metal band that should… Continue Reading →

Carrier Flux – Objection (Code666 Records)

I will hold my hands up and state that I’ve never really been a fan of one person black metal bands or any metal band for that matter. I’ve always felt that the artists were spreading themselves too thinly when… Continue Reading →

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