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Lordi – Sexorcism (AFM)

Guilty pleasures, let’s face it we all have them although they are only really guilty if you’re ashamed of them. For someone like me with absolutely zero street cred there is no reason to be embarrassed by such things as… Continue Reading →

Lordi – Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy) (AFM)

Oh Lordi! That was probably the reaction to many people upon seeing this on the review list. With numerous people all vying to play the martyr and take this off the list, I ended up getting it, being Ave Noctums… Continue Reading →

Lordi – Scare Force One (AFM)

What’s the matter with me? I could’ve had the new Anaal Nathrakh sent through but NO the utter child in me that actually likes the idea of Finnish loons in rubber monster outfits playing 80’s trash rock won out and… Continue Reading →

Fräkmündt – Landlieder & Fromdländler (Prophecy)

A traditional Swiss folk band with links to the fabulous Eluveitie? How hard can that be to review? “Yeah, no problem Mr. Editor, send that one over and I’ll sort it”. Bollocks. How I soon regretted those ill-chosen words. All… Continue Reading →

Rain – Mexican Way (Aural)

Italian hard rock band release an album of unplugged tracks with a Mexican theme.  Hmmmmmmmm. Like  having a chianti with your chimichanga. I was sceptical and it turns out with good reason. Rain are an accomplished hard rock band who… Continue Reading →

Saltatio Mortis – Das Schwarze Einmaleins (Napalm)

Saltatio Mortis are rather well described in an excellent review of their recent live album by Gizmo elsewhere on Ave Noctum so really it would save a lot of time and effort if you could all read that review first… Continue Reading →

Gothminister – Utopia (AFM)

Alcohol can be a terrible thing. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. It was like it was sat there, lonely, on the shelf at Ave Noctum HQ, cold, shivering and unclaimed – The new Gothminister album…. Continue Reading →

Lordi – To Beast Or Not To Beast (AFM)

Lordi, Finland’s most outlandish Metal export return with a new CD to unleash on an unwitting public. I had actually heard an album by Lordi before their famous (or infamous) Eurovision win of 2006. I remember seeing them perform on… Continue Reading →

Winter In Eden – Echoes Of Betrayal (Lycan Records)

We had a quick listen to a couple of tracks of this when we were offered it amongst the hundreds of download reviews we get pitched each month and thought “nah it’s a little too Eurovision,” for comfort. A while… Continue Reading →

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