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Buried Side – Heading to the Light (S/R)

You don’t normally expect a wispy Middle Eastern section tune to be followed by brutal deathcore, but this is what happens here. In fact a lot happens here. “The Elevation” is an exhilarating mixture of growled ferocity in a Middle… Continue Reading →

My Sleeping Karma – Moksha (Napalm)

My Sleeping Karma are a psychedelic groove band from Aschaffenburg, Germany who formed in 2006 out of the ashes of the stoner rock band The Great Escape. Playing a brand of instrumental music with minimal complexity and massive dynamics, the… Continue Reading →

Solefald – World Metal Kosmopolis Sud (Indie)

Following up on last year’s EP ‘Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord’ Solefald have completely expanded their reach from the more insular travelogue that took in the traditions and folklore of the Norse centric regions and explored their chilly terrain with a progressive… Continue Reading →

Grorr – The Unknown Citizens (Vicisolum Productions)

This album, Grorr’s third, is in three parts about three different lives: The Fighter, The Worker, The Dreamer. It’s not as artificially conceptual as it may sound, or at least it didn’t seem so to me. In their previous album… Continue Reading →

Thy Worshipper – Czarna Dzika Czerwien (Pagan Records)

Thy Worshipper are a Polish band with equal numbers of toes in the black, death and folk metal camps and a large number of line-up changes until we reach this, their second full length. It’s an odd album: Very nicely… Continue Reading →

Rudra – RTA (Sonic Blast Media)

Rudra’s uniqueness lies in the way that they incorporate traditional Indian sounds, Sanskrit chants and mantras into their blackened death metal music. It has been an evolving process over their 21 years of existence. “RTA” is the Singaporean band’s 7th… Continue Reading →

Ecnephias – Necrogod (Aural)

There has always been a bit of a geographic conundrum involving Italian band Ecnephias but then again as this album is narratively focusing on ancient pre-Christian cults they could hardly have embraced their Roman origins here. Musically having heard them… Continue Reading →

The Eden House – Half Life (Jungle)

This is an absolutely gorgeous collection of songs and I really hope saying so at the start of a review does not lose half of its readers. If you are still here, do stay, as if you are new to… Continue Reading →

Sand Aura – Elegy of the Orient (Haarbn Productions)

Here’s a first. I can’t remember ever reviewing anything from Egypt before. I now know that the coolly named Sand Aura have been around since 2007, this is their first album release and they play progressive metal. Without question this… Continue Reading →

Purvaja – Dark Goddess Divine (Sonic Blast Media)

I’d experienced Vedic metal before and gained insight into this extremely dark form by listening to Rudra and interviewing the band’s highly intelligent leader Kathir. Where I was breaking new ground here was in reviewing metal from India. This seven… Continue Reading →

Sigh – In Somniphobia

Artist: Sigh Title: In Somniphobia Type: Album Label Candlelight It’s always a great pleasure to be confronted with a new Sigh album but the Japanese maestros do make us work for it by twisting any preconceived notions around and turning… Continue Reading →

Funeral In Heaven/ Plecto Aliquem Capite – Astral Mantras of Dyslexia

  Artist: Funeral In Heaven/ Plecto Aliquem Capite Title: Astral Mantras of Dyslexia Type: Album (Split) Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen  This sounded too good to be true! Black metal from Sri Lanka? Now don’t get me wrong I’m not looking down… Continue Reading →

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