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Frantic Aggressor – Land Mine Logic (S/R)

Well that’s a coincidence, this CD turned up in a package alongside a new album by Nocturnal Breed and of course underground pop-pickers they have a song on their first album called… Frantic Aggressor. Further to this I see the… Continue Reading →

Essenz – Manes Impetus (Amor Fati Productions)

Heavy and industrial …. it doesn’t have to be German but it is. Dirty rumblings and heinous growls get us under way on “Manes Impetus”, Essenz’s third album. Essenz are known for “bursts of transformation” in their music. What this… Continue Reading →

Incineration Festival – Camden London 9/5/15

This festival hardly started small but in the space of a year has grown substantially and moved up from The Garage to no less than four venues in the heart of Camden. With 30 bands playing over the course of… Continue Reading →

Drowned – Idola Specus (Sepulchral Voice)

Drowned has been gearing up to release its debut record for an awfully long time. Formed in Berlin way back in 1992, they have thus far released seven demos and one EP over a twenty-year period spanning from 1993-2013. In… Continue Reading →

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