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Mesmur – S/T (Code666)

Funeral doom is the ultimate slow-burn and, as a result, always has the same impending potential as that drifting iceberg lying in wait for the Titanic. It can be a long wait in cold dark waters but when the crunch… Continue Reading →

Suffer Yourself – Inner Sanctum (Cimmerian Shade Recordings)

The first thing that struck about this album was the fact that I was actually holding it in my hands. Second was the quality of the digipack box containing it. I guess I’m just getting nostalgic for tactile music, but… Continue Reading →

Esoteric – Vinyl Reissues (Aesthetic Death)

The thing that I have always loved about Birmingham spawned UK act Esoteric is their distinct uniqueness and their skill at turning music into art-forms beyond the scope of what one would anticipate. The emotions and atmospheres that they craft… Continue Reading →

Interview – Grieving Age

At the tail end of last year a whopping great slab of funeral etched death doom from highly respected label Solitude Productions landed on me with a heavy thump. The band’s second album entitled ‘Merely the Fleshless We and the… Continue Reading →

Grieving Age – Merely The Fleshless We And The Awed Obsequy… (Solitude)

It’s always a great delight getting a pile of carefully wrapped discs over from Russian label Solitude Productions and their affiliated label Bad Mood Man. It’s a difficult task listening to them and thinking how much I like the sound… Continue Reading →

Aevangelist – Omen Ex Simulacra (Debemur Morti)

Something that has become increasingly apparent to me as I have aged is the importance of ‘form’ within the realms of extreme metal. By that I mean, the accolades that can be showered upon something almost of a direct result… Continue Reading →

Esoteric, Fen, Wodensthrone & Aphonic Threnody – London Garage 10/11/13

With a massive 200 words to write for this review and camera at home I found myself somewhat at a loose end thinking that there was going to be so much more to say about tonight’s show upstairs at the… Continue Reading →

Urna – Mors Principium Est (ATMF)

Wilfully one dimensional is how I’d describe a lot of funeral doom. Yes, there is potential genius in tracks that have a tendency to repeat themselves over and over for 10 minutes at a time, but also potential for lack… Continue Reading →

Station Dysthymia, ‘Overhead, Without Any Fuss, The Stars Were Going Out’, (Solitude)

Station Dysthymia are a funeral doom band from Siberia, and ‘Overhead, Without Any Fuss, The Stars Were Going Out’ is their second full-length. I thought at first in my literary ignorance that the album title was the product of some… Continue Reading →

Primitive Man – Scorn (Relapse)

US trio Primitive Man take no prisoners with their onslaught of skull-crushingly heavy blackened sludge-doom. The guitars are downtuned and drenched in feedback, whilst the drums are crude and sparse, often breaking into tribal-sounding patterns. The excellent vocals consist of… Continue Reading →

Black Oath – Ov Qliphoth And Darkness (I Hate)

This Italian doom bands first full length album ‘The Third Aeon’ really struck a massive chord with me, I even included this in my top 10 of that particular year. So a new album from Black Oath is rather welcomed…but… Continue Reading →

Lychgate – ST (Mordgrimm)

If like me you have the habit of hanging around graveyards you will no doubt have encountered a Lychgate before and even walked under one. Simply put Lych is an old English word for corpse and gate… well duh. It… Continue Reading →

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