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Ereb Altor – Järtecken (Hammerheart)

Over their last few releases, Sweden’s Ereb Altor have been pushing the boundaries of their Bathory-esque Viking Metal sound, sometimes darker, sometimes folkier – always epic. “Järtecken” sees an amalgamation of previous guises, delivered by a band suddenly brimming with… Continue Reading →

Midgardsblot Metal Festival – Borre, Vestfold, Norway 17/8/19

Day 3  Saturday I already knew that the weather forecast was going to be dodgy as a storm had passed over the region during the night (I slept through it I might add) and left its raging remnants for me… Continue Reading →

Isole – Dystopia (Hammerheart Records)

Starting life back in the 90’s as Forlorn before becoming Isole, these Swedish doom merchants have a steady stream of albums to their name. “Dystopia” arrives five years after their last release and this represents one of their longer periods… Continue Reading →

Dun Ringill – Welcome (Argonauta Records)

Right. So here are some things I have discovered since doing a google search on the terms “Dun Ringill”: 1) Dun Ringill is the name of a Scottish Iron age fort on the Isle of Skye. 2) It is also… Continue Reading →

Loch Vostok – Strife (Vicisolum Records)

Reading the band and personal histories of Sweden’s Loch Vostok is like a real life soap opera, with tales of “loss, stress, sorrow and chaos”. That’s interesting because in both recorded and live form, this is a band which puts… Continue Reading →

Ereb Altor – Ulfven (Hammerheart)

To release five albums in five years nowadays is going some, even when it’s your only band, but when you are in two recording units (the main two songwriters of Ereb Altor are also members of Doom band Isole), it… Continue Reading →

Unearthed Elf – Into the Catacomb Abyss (S/R)

Look, I’m going to level with you fine folks: when I opted to receive this from Thee Ed, I wasn’t entirely sure what level of ridiculous this was going to be. I was told that this was a fantasy-themed one-man-band… Continue Reading →

Ereb Altor – Blut Ilt Traut (Cyclone Empire)

I’ve been a fan of Ereb Altor ever since I reviewed their first album, “By Honour” all the way back in 2008 (Christ, am I that  old?). Mats and Ragnar of Ereb Altor are also in the supremely excellent band… Continue Reading →

Ereb Altor – Nattramn (Cyclone Empire)

Time flies when you’re in two successful metal bands, and Mats and Ragnar have released 3 albums in 20 months! One was with their other band Isole, but already we are being offered another Viking Metal outing by Ereb Altor… Continue Reading →

Loch Vostok – From These Waters (Vicisolum)

Loch Vostok blew me away with their previous album “V: The Doctrine Decoded” (2012). Their other albums are pretty good too. The latest one “From These Waters” is self-proclaimed as grittier than the others, and I’d go along with that…. Continue Reading →

Ereb Altor – Fire Meets Ice (Cyclone Empire)

Ereb Altor is the Viking Metal side project from members of Doomsters Isole (or it could be the other way round depending on your musical preference). This is actually their fourth full length album from the band that takes it’s… Continue Reading →

Forgotten Tomb, Ereb Altor & Isole – London Garage 6/5/13

If you were not in the know and got a certain case of deja-vu over the first couple of bands it is not surprising as both Ereb Altor and Isole share several members. Isole were the first of the brawny… Continue Reading →

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